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Lumps, bumps and a hillock or two

Commercial Artificial Grass Installation

A layer of uncorrupted green atop a suburban yard. Interminable lusciousness bordered by carefully landscaped gardens, all pleasing to the eye and all deliciously easy care.

For the daycare centre, the school, the mandatory patch of aesthetic greenery within commercial environs, there is an artificial grass type to meet differing expectations.

We know that artificial grass is the landscaping option with no surprises. It is a look that is created to form a never changing landscape, a snapshot in time to meet expectations without the arduous yards taken to get there.

Have you considered letting the Eco Lawn team create a purposely built blip in your landscape? A mound? A hillock? A bump or two? A recreation of a child hood memory where rolling down the hill was a seemingly never-ending journey.

Curvaceous structures bursting forth from the pristine Eco Lawn grass scape below, natural looking but in reality, made by the expert hands of the Eco Lawn team.

Or are you quietly musing of a solution to a none so gentle slope. Deceptively gentle with the casting of an eye yet an epic climb and rapid decline when giving it its weekly clip with the gas guzzling, smoke belching mowing machine.

A delightfully different option, an out of the box solution where differing surfaces are required, an interesting scape that is pleasing to the eye yet encourages and meets the need to experience.

Let Eco Lawn create a scene from what once was a figment of your imagination. Or if you are all out of ideas allow the friendly team to provide you with options that will work best for your yard and for you.

Could your property do with an unblemished blip thanks to the Eco Lawn touch?



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