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Lifestyle fun with Artificial Grass

Lifestyle artificial grass

Heavy wrought iron gates flanked by schist.

A wandering trail of flagstone meanders its way to the well-appointed house, gardens manicured to every inch of their lives, made entirely on a whim.

An apple orchard parked at the rear produces cider made to boutique tastes.

Here space is not at a premium being on acreage or more.

Mosey down the hill just a tad and one finds oneself at a pond designed for the fun of the golfing variety. Where airspace for low flying winged creatures is downright hazardous.

A small purpose built entertainment hut for want of a better word provides shelter in inclement weather and an array of refreshments fit for adult palates. Bi-fold doors open like welcoming arms, the remnants of a delicious repast lay in ruins atop the bench within. Appetites sated, now heavily ensconced in aged single malt whiskeys swirling around in stout crystal glasses.

A satisfying thwack, a mandatory micropause followed by a plop in the pond. Ascent and descent eyeballed by several well-heeled, now fuzzy headed males with an attempt to compute their own unofficial points and to who is getting too far ahead.

Bushy eyebrows knitted whilst studiously scribbling with the pomp and vigour required for such an occasion in a grubby well-used notebook with a pencil barely the size of a child’s thumb the point is duly noted.

The owner of the next turn strides forth ceremoniously plucking a 9 iron from his leather bound bag of choices of which, for this occasion, there is only one. The iron whirring like a propeller more as a pompous show of potential sporting prowess than in a hope of getting wrists well warmed up in anticipation of the perfect shot.

Talk is spartan as the shot is lined up, backside on high wriggle suddenly slows, the shot is taken and there it GOES!!!!!!!

Let us step back for a bit, that perfect platform wasn’t always there. A forlorn, murky pond, with a few markers here and there. More set up for a mudslide with a bone-chilling mucky end. A riparian that was always muddy and perennially wet. There was no hope for the use intended which was regular fun for a keen golfer right at one’s own doorstep. The proudly installed and loosely coined clubrooms resembling a mudroom at the end of winter footy day.

Then there was that one day when the sun arose in one’s mind’s eye. What about great drainage coupled with artificial grass installed and provided by the Eco-Lawn team? That means no muck, no mud, and no wet! My friend’s and I can have all year round fun!!!! We could even play our golf without sweaty shoes in high summer heat feeling the gorgeous strands beneath our feet.

For when there is no golf we can just lay, upon the luscious blades, reminiscing about the good old days. There are plenty of grass types to choose from, catering for the most champagne of tastes.

What is more, that this great product is coupled with an experienced, knowledgeable team who is happy to fit the exact right product for whatever need. Being the professional installers they are, the artificial grass products supplied are guaranteed for years to come and then some. They have the capability of advising the best outcome for your plans so no money is wasted. If it will not work for whatever reason they will tell you and then suggest other options. The aim is a happy customer. If you are happy then so are they.

Doesn’t your illustrious aqua golf set up deserve the Eco-Lawn touch?

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