Eco Lawn Landscaping Why do Kids and Dogs like Artificial Grass?

Why do Kids and Dogs like Artificial Grass?

Residential Artificial Grass

A yard full of lush, green, durable grass awaiting imaginary adventures involving mythical beasts, the terror of the high seas or the daintiest of tea parties with the bear and the dolls. Rough and tumble games or a game of cricket where the vege patch and the fence line is considered out, the garage roof a four and the house roof a six.

Or quiet moment on one’s back, against the evergreen foliage contemplating shapes in the clouds.

Dogs love artificial grass as the ball or the favourite toy they seek is just out of sight, but still smelling tantalisingly close, amidst the decadent blades.

Being told off for the numerous muddy paw prints dotting the living room floor, where the guilty patch on the lounge where mud marks the spot becomes a distant, unpleasant memory.

It saves the anguish of burying a tasty bone that is never found, instead of whittling down potential possibilities to the Azaleas, the Rhubarb patch or the soft spot under the Pohutukawa.

The acquired snag off the BBQ by eager teeth, the delectable prize concealed amongst the luscious blades. The big doleful eyes, moist black nose and the quivering hairy body – the epitome of innocence.

No hidden prickles which target the most vulnerable parts of the foot, in turn, renders it incapacitated until first aid has been applied and a smattering of soothing words.

Artificial grass eliminates the ‘Out of Bounds’ which often is located in the best area to build that fort or make the perfect campsite – The area that is always in the shade, where it is a bog in winter and a dust bowl in the summer.

Sunday mornings filled with Parental nagging to mow that lawn become a thing of the past, leaving the day free for all adventures real and imagined.

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