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Kids do Bounce – The Thud without the Crunch

The Parental sharp intake of breath quietened to a mere sigh knowing a fall will be cushioned thanks to a 30mm foam underlay providing gasp free falls from a height of 1.5 metres. Parental ambivalence permissible.

Broken bones the quintessential passport to an adventurous childhood are relegated to happen ‘elsewhere’ and ‘Certainly NOT in MY backyard’. Conversations brought abruptly to a close with a haughty, ‘My children actually bounce’.

The redirection of off-spring antics to an island spelling F.U.N. Within eyesight of the kitchen, slightly to the left and more to the back of the great suburban yard.

The show of childish wilfulness that comes from swinging round and round on the long-suffering clothesline, festooned with Mum’s oh so comfortable voluminous Granny knickers and Dad’s generous, with more holes than fabric – thou shalt never be thrown out undies, one ear on high alert for the tell-tale rattle of the kitchen window is forever quietened by an area allocated to ‘get rid of the sillies’.

This partnership to fun aka Cool Play comes in three you beaut colours – Good golly it’s green, providing the perfect palate for all adventure types. Aqueous adventure blue and perfectly purple for the most enchanting of fun.

These colours complimenting any backyard nod to climbing here, swinging there, sliding away or merely jumping like a rabbit high on sugar-laced carrots and the secretive cubby house where Parental non-admittance a must and Teenagers dare not tread.

This product would still be looking positively perfect years later as it is built to withstand the four seasons in one day Kiwi climate.

Its low maintenance so that messy puddle of ice cream pooling in the sun can either be hosed off or the family dog is engaged in its hoovering services.

Being non-toxic it can withstand off-spring sampling ‘just to see what it tastes like’ or a childish dare to lick an allocated spot.

But best of all the sacred area for all things fun is no longer quarantined for backyard preservation purposes because there is no mud, no puddles and no mess!

The perfect product for outdoor play that no Kiwi backyard should be without. Perhaps it is high time that your yard promotes ‘Cool Play?’

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