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Kennels to make your canine go “Woof Woof!”

Let us not forget the owner of the big, doleful eyes, moist black nose, the body all aquiver accompanied by the ever so eager tail that wags the dog.

The troublesome teeth that snagged the meaty morsel off the BBQ, the hidden prize to be sought out later by a nose like a hairy sausage and the inevitable enjoyment of the illicit treat (provided no one stands on it first), away from prying eyes.

Anyway I digress that piece came more or less from an earlier article and before I inform you where I’m going with this article the question is what has your animal friend done for you?

  • How about the four-legged nanny for the rambunctious offspring providing hours of backyard frolic leaving precious downtime for the spent parents.
  • The burglar alarm with teeth and variable sounds.
  • The Canine that takes you for your daily constitutional keeping the couch imprint at bay.
  • A warm body built for comforting accompanied with a worried whine where required. A knowing paw to say ‘I am here’. Melting eyes that understand. The hairy epitome of ‘I care’.
  • Taking the guesswork out of who did or didn’t polish off the contents of the BBQ plate. The smacking of doggy lips, thunderous crunching that is undeniably lamb chop with a hint of sirloin removing all doubt to who was the culprit.
  • Prevention of predatory felines nicking smalls off the washing line.
  • Last but not least the blame taker of expulsions of the eye-watering kind.

For the friendship without judgement surely the hairiest member of the family and I’m not referring to the alpha male before his shave or the pre-summer deforestation of the lady of the house. It is your faithful family dog.

They deserve a spot to call their own. A kennel and surrounds to howl about in a positive way, a doggy area to retreat to at the end of the day. Using artificial grass under the kennel and run area there is no need to shift the doggy palace due to canine damage to its natural surrounds or the built up of obnoxious smells.

Gone will be the hidden results of used food that turn into flying backyard bog logs when faced with the bite of the lawnmower blade.

Artificial grass is your friend – A simple removal of leaving, coupled with a hosing off and a shot of an enzyme-based spray keeps bacteria and other stinkers well away.

No more wear due to animal antics with green, green grass that stays lush and beautiful year after year.

Let the Eco-Lawn team work their magic and transform an area a dog would be proud to call their own.

Doesn’t your dog deserve the Eco-Lawn touch?

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