It’s crunch time

Let us put aside the chill factor for now and give into the temptation to gambol, in wild abandon, across one’s lawn, reminiscing of the days as a child where frost brings a dusting of white over all that is familiar bringing forth the instinctive need to touch and to experiment.

The frozen shallow puddles that are more slippery than a drug cartel, the garden hose belching out fascinating solid rods of water, the usually noiseless lawn protesting with each foot fall and the telltale tracks that mark where you have been. A plume of white steam, a monument marking each breath taken.

The discomfort that comes with red fingers, noses and ears all forgotten whilst experiencing this winter wonderland, Kiwi style. Whilst snow is a rarity in certain areas of New Zealand, frost is certainly not. It is a cruel reminder that the country is in the icy grips of winter with no intention of letting go any time soon.

All too soon, Winter becomes a season to be endured.

With most areas the frost is usually gone well before lunch time. That is a good thing however with artificial grass as its icy cloak melts in the watery rays of the winter sun, due to its porous properties, it merely drains away quickly unlike its natural counterpart leaving a dry lawn with no muddy or wet areas for whatever purpose you require.

Whilst artificial grass does not freeze and therefore frost does not damage it, the act of walking across your investment can cause the frost to be compacted into icy sheets where removal may cause damage to the fibres. If you wish to speed up the defrosting process your investment can be covered overnight or if you wish not to do that the placement of warm blankets or towels directly on the grass or warm water can be used.

It is important to note that frosty artificial grass is slippery and there is more risk that your ego will be damaged than the fibres of your artificial grass product!

For lawns with less crunch than a box of cereal isn’t it high time to consider the Eco Lawn touch?

Providores of a crunch free lawn

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