Eco Lawn Landscaping A DIY project for the Perfect Putting Green

A DIY project for the Perfect Putting Green

Artificial Turf for Mini Golf

Are you the type of person that feels that one’s backyard could be put to better use than merely lounging? A keen golfer who is tired of jamming the golf clubs into the boot with a surly slam before reluctantly fraternising with other like-minded people at a green a distance away? Are you a DIY type that is keen to create a perfect place to play, putting a mere step out the door, a place to hone one’s skills with the comforts of home nearby? A private putting place created by you for you!

Stop dreaming and make it happen as EcoLawn has come up with the perfect product and the information just for you.

Recipe for the perfect putt

EcoLawn has a great range of quality products for your planned installation with great advice to assist in order to make your putting dream a reality. Make EcoLawn your one stop shop for your sports turf needs.


  • Turf cutter
  • Vibrating plate compactor
  • Rake or screed
  • Weed membrane or geofabric (optional)
  • Gap 7 aggregate
  • Washed and dried sand infill
  • Golf Putt 13mm sporting turf
  • Adhesive
  • Joining Tape
  • Ground Pins
  • Stanley knife with extra blades
  • Putting cup plastic or aluminium
  • Putting green flag with marker pole

Step one:

You want to make the most of your space. How many holes would you like? Where should they be placed? Where will you be teeing off from? Once you have mapped out your putting placements then you can move on to the next step.

Step two:

Make sure there is room for installation including the skip bin should you choose to use one.

Step three:

This is during the installation process and just before Golf Putt 13mm is laid you will need to dig small holes for your putting cups and place them inside. These can be secured by cement if you like for an extra secure placement.

Step four:


Please click here for the perfect placement of your putting platform.

Once you have followed all the steps specified in the above article, cut grass around cups.

The finished product:

This is where you can add further embellishments to your job well done by decorating your putting patch with rocks, bunkers and whatever your imagination would like during the creation of your perfect course.

You will be pleased to know that Eco Lawn has the technical knowledge to take your Putting to a whole new level through the creation of hillocks, bumps and divots and they are only happy to assist with whatever putting challenge that you desire.

Let’s not beat about the bush, you are using quality products here that needs a keen eye for detail and a cool head in order ensure that they look their best plus meet their expected lifespan and beyond, let’s face it, it will be a time-consuming task taking at least a full day for a small area and several for larger areas not to mention that things can easily go pear-shaped costing you more of your precious time and money.

However, it is good to know that when all else fails and the fertiliser has well and truly hit the windmill then it is time to call in the Eco Lawn team, resplendent in their spiffy uniform, heroes in disguise. They will make sense of your monumental muck up or minor wrinkle in plans with nary a blink of their collective eyes.

EcoLawn for all of your installation needs. Don’t you think that the perfect putt requires the wonderfully awesome EcoLawn touch?

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