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How to Maintain Your Synthetic Grass

Maintain artificial turf

Have you made the move to install artificial grass on your lawn?

Maybe you live in an apartment and want a deck with some grass for your dogs. Maybe you just don’t want to mow your lawn every week or deal with the cost of water to keep a lawn alive.

Synthetic grass may be lower maintenance than other lawn options, but there is still some degree of maintenance necessary to keep it looking great.

The good news is, keeping it clean isn’t too difficult! There are just a few important steps you’ll need to take.

Keep it free from debris

A few minutes each week to remove leaves, branches that have fallen, and other general outdoor waste will help keep your yard looking great. Just be mindful not to shift the infill too much.

Use water

With a quick weekly hosing, you’ll remove pollen, dirt, and dust that may otherwise make your lawn look unkempt. The water also helps to keep the infill evenly distributed.

Clean up after animals

If you’ve got pets, they will likely eliminate on the grass. In fact, many dogs prefer astroturf to the real deal! Thankfully, cleaning isn’t too difficult. Scoop up as normal, then spray down the area with a hose. If it still smells bad after hosing, clean it with a 50/50 mixture of lukewarm water and white vinegar.

Treat stains

Life happens, and that brings stains. Whether oil, crayon, grease, or ink has managed to stain your turf, you should be able to remove it with mild detergent. If this doesn’t work, try applying mineral spirits, then dabbing up the liquid to lift stains.

General cleaning

Your lawn is there for your enjoyment, and that usually means messes. Try not to worry so much about it; you can wash most stains and spills away with water. Those that require a bit more cleaning power to remove can be done with mild soaps in water, or vinegar in water to scrub out. Just don’t forget to rinse it afterwards.

Some more do’s and don’ts

  • Try to keep sharp or jagged objects away from your lawn, including studded boots, stilettos, or glass.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach. Soap and water should be sufficient for most messes.
  • Chewing gum and other adhesives can spell disaster for synthetic lawns. Try to keep them far away.
  • Never drive on your artificial grass. Smaller wheels, such as those on a wheelchair, bike, or wheelbarrow should be fine.
  • Try trimming back hedges and trees to lessen the amount of leaf litter on the grass.
  • Avoid sources of heat on or near the grass. This means that you should avoid smoking while on the grass, and you want to keep any source of flames away. Save the grilling and fireworks for cement or gravel surfaces!
  • Look out for damage caused by dogs or children. Dogs don’t normally dig up artificial grass, but may on occasion. Likewise, children may pick out blades for fun, leaving bald patches.
  • By implementing these simple steps, your lawn will remain in good condition for longer and will look nicer.

For more question on how to care for your lawn or if you are thinking of getting one, get in touch with Ecolawn today. We are glad to be of service.

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