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How To Look After Artificial Grass


How To Look After Artificial Grass

Your artificial grass installation service will give you advice on how to look after your newly installed turf. But, just in case you would like a reminder, we have put together a brief guide. There are jobs that you should do every week, and others you need to do less often.

Brushing Your Lawn

Once a week, you should brush your lawn. It is a good idea to have a couple of different brushes or brooms. For instance, you may want to have a soft brush to sweep away leaves. A hard brush can damage your artificial lawn, but there are times when you should use a slightly harder brush.

For instance, if twigs from surrounding trees fall on your grass, it is always best to use a slightly more abrasive brush. Dust storms are also becoming more common. A good quality yard brush will easily remove any dust or sand which has landed on your artificial lawn.

Can I vacuum my artificial grass? There is no reason why you can’t do so. If you have a bag less hoover, it is perfectly safe to vacuum your grass on a dry day.

Have a Dedicated Barbecue Area

To make sure that hot ash from a coal-fired barbecue does not damage your lawn, it is best to have a dedicated area. Sparks can easily land on your lawn and cause damage. Although your lawn may not catch light, ash and hot objects can cause problems.

If you want to use a natural barbecue or a fire pit, make sure that it is placed in a separate area with paving underneath and around it.

Removing Leaves From Your Lawn

It is very important to remove leaves from your lawn. The problem with leaves is that they quickly start to break down. When that happens, they are much harder to remove.

Leaves that have not been removed from your lawn can cause mould and fungus spores in your lawn. If someone in your home suffers from allergies, mould and fungus can lead to breathing problems.

Your Pet And Your Artificial Lawn

Pets will leave “unwanted gifts” on your pristine lawn. When that happens, the first thing you should do is to pick them up. Secondly, you should spray the affected area with water.

You are probably wondering if it is safe to use cleaning products on your lawn. The answer to that is yes. Before you use any products, make sure that they are suitable for use on artificial lawns. Your installer will give you all of the details when it comes to products that are safe to use.

Many homeowners make the mistake to use bleach. Don’t be one of them. Bleach or very strong chemicals are not suitable for artificial grass.

They can cause chemical reactions and discolouration of the lawn.

In Conclusion

Looking after your artificial lawn is not difficult. Weekly and scheduled maintenance does not take up a lot of time. It is important to follow maintenance advice given by your installer. Doing so will make sure that your artificial lawn stays in good condition and lasts longer.

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