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How to Keep Artificial Grass Green

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Nothing is more satisfying and pleasing than having fresh vibrant green artificial grass installed on your lawn. Having those healthy and full looking grass can make your green space look appealing. But how do you keep it in mint condition?

On average, most artificial turf lasts up to 7-15 years. It is highly durable and could withstand those stormy weather and scorching summer heat. When installed properly, you won’t have to worry about its drainage system.

Synthetic turfs even dry out faster and is a lot easier to maintain than natural grass. It is also more hassle-free and you wouldn’t have to worry about pests, weeds, droughts, and so on. 

Here’s how you can keep artificial grass always looking new:

Remove Dust and Dirt

The best way for you to clean your fake grass is by letting the rain naturally wash away the dust and dirt it accumulated. Alternatively,  watering and spraying it with a hose now and then could help you get rid of dust and dirt that has piled up. 

Remove stains

Cleaning a synthetic turf with just water isn’t gonna do the job if you want to get rid of spills and stains from different condiments and drinks. You could mix the water with detergent, and use a cloth or mop to clean the stained area. 

 However, stains like grease would be harder to remove. In this case, you would need dry cleaning solvent products, baking soda, soap, spoon, and so on to lift the stain off the artificial grass. When cleaning your artificial turf, it’s best to avoid harsh chemicals. 

Cleaning Up Pet Waste

Having pets around wouldn’t be a problem. You wouldn’t have to worry about their pee since it would just drain away like rainwater. However, when your pet poops, you would need to scoop it up and dispose of it to avoid making a mess and having a bad odour. 

Usually, artificial grass is less toxic than natural grass, which is maintained with hard chemicals. As a result, your pets would be able to enjoy the artificial grass just like you. 

Brush it Regularly

Walking around the grass constantly can take a toll on its features. It would look flattened and squashed. 

In order to maintain lush and thick looking grass, you should brush it regularly, especially when it is used frequently. Brush it in the opposite direction to regain depth and height. It is important to avoid brushes with metal bristles, and instead, use brushes with synthetic bristles to avoid damaging them.

Maintain High-Traffic Areas

Artificial grass is more optimal for high traffic compared to natural grass, depending on the quality you choose. Artificial grass is built and designed to withstand things that come its way like kids and dogs running around, unlike natural grass wherein it often gets uneven and ruined. 

When choosing artificial grass, make sure to consider the foot traffic, and choose the quality that is best for you. In case a high-traffic area is looking worn out compared to the rest of the lawn, a professional artificial grass installer can easily replace that section to match the rest of the yard. 

Putting in Effort is Worth it!

As long as you maintain your synthetic grass in tip-top shape, you would have yourself a beautiful vibrant green grass that would last you years of aesthetically pleasing green space. 

For more questions on how to care for your lawn or if you are thinking of getting one, get in touch with Eco Lawn today.


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