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How to Care for Your Artificial Turf

Clean and neat artificial grass on the backyard

Now that you have an artificial lawn, you can finally enjoy a green lush front yard the whole year-round.

Artificial grass generally lasts anywhere from 15 to 25 years depending on how you care for it. How do you maintain it so it will look great for a long time? 

If you’re not sure how to get your artificial grass sparklingly clean and great-looking, check out these tips from turf maintenance experts.

Keep it Clear of Debris

A leaf blower and a rake are your best friends when it comes to cleaning your synthetic turf. Use the rake or leaf blower to remove any dead leaves, tree branches, and other debris that may land on your lawn. This will help your artificial turf look clean and neat. 

A Weekly Dose of Water

Between children, pets, guests, and the elements, something’s going to spill, and it will spill on your lush lawn. When that happens, act quickly. Cleaning up the spill is the best way to ensure it won’t stain your grass, and then rinse it with water and a mild detergent. 

To make sure that you remove any dust or first that’s sticking on the grass, spray your lawn with some water every week. 

Brush Gently

Sand is used to give artificial lawn some weight, keep them in place, and keep the structure to make the filaments resemble an organic grass lawn. Day-to-day wear, weather, and foot traffic can mat these filaments down, giving your yard a one-dimensional, awkwardly flat look. If you want to keep your turf’s structure, you need to reposition its blades and sand infill regularly. 

For smaller-sized turfs, this can be done with the use of a big, natural bristle broom. However, if you have a more expansive lawn, you’ll need a professional turf brush to get the job done.

Wait for at least eight weeks after installation before you brush it to allow the turf and sand to settle correctly. After they’re fully settled, brush them once every three to four weeks to allow its blade to remain in an upright position. Be gentle in brushing to achieve a lush, perky lawn.

Keep Weeds Under Control

One of the reasons people steer clear of natural lawns is weeding. This is too much work for them. If you’re one of them, then it’s not a surprise to know that you have finally switched to an artificial lawn. 

Turf lawns minimize the growth of unwanted weeds because of the turf roll’s film backing that made water drainage easy. However, this doesn’t completely eliminate weed growth. As you may have seen, there are a few stubborn weeds that make it through the surface.

Don’t pull these weeds by hand unless you want to ruin your lawn by uprooting everything. To tackle the problem permanently, use a water-based herbicide to prevent the stubborn weed from growing back. This will keep your turf safe and in good condition.

Here are some extra tips to help you keep your artificial turf in excellent condition all the time.

✅Keep gums and all kinds of sticky substances from your artificial lawn.

✅Keep your electric scooters, ATVs, and other motorized vehicles off your lawn.

✅Regularly trim the surrounding foliage to keep the lawn clean.

❌Keep any combustible materials like fireworks, grills, fire pits, and cigarettes in your artificial lawn or any area near it.

❌Store and use sharp and pointy objects on your lawn.

❌Turn to harsh chemicals and substances like bleach to clean your lawn. Water and soap are enough to get rid of stubborn stains and signs of discoloration.

If you don’t have the time and expertise to keep your artificial turf clean, Eco Lawn here to offer help. Your artificial lawn may be low-maintenance, but it would be in its best condition if you regularly clean them. 

Call us at 0800 002 648 or request a quote through our website. We’re here to help!


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