Eco Lawn Blog Landscaping A home putting green you say?! The competitive edge!

A home putting green you say?! The competitive edge!

Home Putting Green

A home putting green you say?! Transform your outdoor living space into a combination of beauty and competitive fun with your own home putting green!

What’s better than relaxing on your newly laid artificial turf? Using your new and improved home putting green to upskill that golf game for the green. Imagine it now, you pull up to the golf course, turn up to the first hole, and nail it.

Your street cred at the clubrooms will increase exponentially following your winning game. Especially when your friends see your new swanky home putting green and realise how you gained the winning edge.

And you can keep improving your game whilst keeping the significant other happy as you aren’t ripping up the yard.

Check out this beautiful home putting green that we installed in Mangawhai!

Home Putting Green

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It doesn’t stop there, we know we love to show off a newly installed turf as much as the next person. So when your friends are trying to tee up that Sunday BBQ we can guarantee your place will be the first to be put on the table so your pals can get a shot at your home putting green they have heard so much about.

If you are still on the fence, which will look great behind the back yard putting green FYI, then you should know your beloved home putting green is more versatile than your Grandad’s pocket knife.

It’s a multi-use surface which can be enjoyed in various ways. Lay bean bags out on your synthetic lawn and work on that summer tan, roll out the bbq to cook up a feast and drink a beer in the sun, have some friendly competitions with the kids or if the green finger in you want to be able to grow some plants then moveable planters are always a great idea.

We mean it when we say our artificial grass has more than one functionality. You will be grinning more than a 4-year-old on their birthday if you take a swinging bet on it.

Full Installation Services and DIY Options Available:

Installation: Eco Lawn offers a comprehensive range of specialised installation services for all of your synthetic turf needs, including your home putting green installation of course. Click through to view more information on our installation services or contact us for free advice.

DIY Options: If you are interested in a DIY home putting green then we’ve also got you covered. Eco Lawn provides an extensive range of high-quality artificial grass products which can be purchased via our online store.

Feel free to visit our online store and search our range of products or click through the following products:

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