Eco Lawn Landscaping High end Holiday heaven atop artificial grass

High end Holiday heaven atop artificial grass

Woodside Bay Chalet

Can EcoLawn with their great quality grass range join your important guests on their next carefully planned holiday?

Hours and minutes are counted down with great gusto, a beady eye unusually affixed to the clock, an otherwise engaged worker loses focus. The anticipation is building; the holiday that has been in the pipeline for months is so close that one could just about smell it. There is an air of ambivalence surrounding time and tools marking the passing minutes obtrusive. It is time to revitalise the body and mind and relive the carefree days before the weight of responsibility beckoned.

Holiday time, the short breaks, the long breaks and everything in between heralds the great Kiwi migration to greener pastures always just around the corner, beyond the traffic snarls seemingly forever out of reach until suddenly you have arrived.

Convention flies out the window, the seeds of change blow rapidly in. It is imperative to not even miss a nanosecond of relaxation as the trappings of living are hurriedly thrown in the general direction of where they ought to be, a tipple or two finds themselves in one’s hand and the daily brew o clock platter of decadence makes an appearance. Late nights and lazy mornings with daily constitutionals exploring the surrounds, calories are not counted and overeating is considered part of the adventure.

You are the purveyor of your guest’s experience. Your property comes with a price tag that makes the eyes water of the ones with tighter purse strings. A breakfast may come in a basket with local goodies and that is of a free range and organic nature. Your place could come with a stipulation that clearly states adults only, a welcome bottle of something bubbly with a high-end chocolate or two. Your views are second to none, a private beach a possibility, or a very private spot amidst a picturesque hinterland with a hot tub that comes with views for miles and then some.

The popularity of your holiday home makes lawn maintenance difficult. Neglect creating a natural eyesore. Overuse leading to the creation of paths to here and there, patchy growth pockmarked with dust bowls where the grass has simply given up. Regular liquid sustenance difficult in warmer weather.

Your high-end property with the nightly rate to match certainly needs the best. It is high time to consider EcoLawn coming to its rescue ripping up the natural and replacing it with the artificial deception of natural grass.

Natural grass could never look this good. This is the grass that will perennially be lush and green. There will be no growth to maintain. It will wow your guests and show you care about the aesthetic value of your slice of paradise.

Consider Super Lush 55mm as your grass of choice. So long, gorgeously green and luscious. Allow your guest to luxuriate amongst its soft, decadent blades. Aesthetic quality without the high maintenance.

Does your holiday home and your deserving guests require the EcoLawn touch?

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