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Woolgro Grass Seed MattingBiodegradable matting combined with premium grass seed for the perfect lawn.

Okay, so artificial turf may be a ‘bridge too far’ at this stage and you still like the idea of natural grass then Eco Lawn’s grass-seed matting may be the perfect choice for you.

At Eco Lawn we care about the environment and are proud to use recycled and not to mention useful products that would normally be discarded.

Using the nutrients found in unscoured dag wool (for those of us not in the know that’s the wool around the sheep’s bum and generally discarded during crutching and shearing) combined with recycled jute and paper fibres creating the perfect growing environment for the carefully selected grass seed type for your area. This results in lush grass with good root structure. In addition, the recycled fibres can hold about 60% of their own weight in water which assists with seed germination and the reduces the need for watering.

Eco Lawn’s lawn matting is made right here in New Zealand and each mat is
impregnated with top quality grass seed for results that show that you have indeed made the right choice and have a natural lawn that you can be proud of.
At Eco Lawn we are happy to carry out professional installation in Auckland or you can order Eco Lawn Grass seed matting to install yourself New Zealand wide.
If you are in Auckland and choose our professional installation service, we are also happy to provide you with a quote for a pop-up irrigation system for fuss free
watering when you cannot.

Could you use the Eco Lawn natural grass touch? Your picture-perfect lawn is only a phone call away.

Please contact us on 0800 002 648 for your free quote and our friendly team is only too happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Choose the best grass seed variety to suit your location

We all know that there are different varieties of grass out there and where grass thrives in one area may not do as well in another. New Zealand with its diverse climates and soil types is a prime example why natural grass is not a one size fits all. Eco Lawn grass seed matting already has the right seed for your location already embedded so the right coverage is assured every time with the optimal seed for your area and requirements.

Our range includes:

Premium Fine – A blend of Rye, creeping & fine Fescue. A fine bladed general use lawn, quick to establish and with tolerance to close mowing. The best variety for shady conditions. Suits most climates.

Tall Fescue – A drought, heat and wear tolerant species due to the large deep root system. Medium bladed with a medium to dark green colour. Tolerates some shade. Cut no lower than 40mm.

Kikuyu Blend – Kikuyu blended with fine Fescue to give quick establishment as the Kikuyu spreads. Good for coastal sites on sandy soils.

Any questions or if you are unsure of what grass type is best for your area contact our friendly team at Eco Lawn on 0800 002 648 to discuss your requirements.

Why choose Eco Lawn grass seed matting?

At Eco Lawn we pride ourselves on having satisfied customers. We are happy to assist with any questions you may have to ensure you achieve the lawn that you deserve.

Reviews from many satisfied customers back up that Eco Lawn are leaders in grass installation so you can be rest assured that when you choose our installation service life gets even better.

Eco Lawn grass seed matting for:

  • Easy to install. Eco Lawn grass seed matting is the ideal DIY project as it is easy to lay and can be cut to requirements.
  • No sowing required. Each mat is embedded with the seeds removing the
    guess work on coverage for ease of mind.
  • No seed runaway. There is no escaping for seeds as they are locked into the matting which means you get exactly what you paid for, no less.
  • Begone weeds. Your new lawn will not be pock marked with weeds as Eco
    Lawn grass seed matting acts like a weed mat making it a sub optimal place for weeds to grow.
  • Nutrients for healthy grass. Eco Lawn recognises the need to be
    environmentally friendly by using a product that usually is discarded. Thanks to hungry sheep and their crutchings there are naturally occurring nutrients for optimal grass growth.
  • This product is biodegradable! Because Eco Lawn grass seed matting is
    made from natural fibre it will eventually break down and be absorbed into the soil.
  • Any time is a good time to install. Eco Lawn grass seed matting is ready when you are even in Winter! The wool provides insulation for the process from seed to healthy grass.
  • Kiwi made Because Eco Lawn grass seed matting is made here in New Zealand you can be rest assured that the quality is of a high standard and therefore built for our harsh climate so you know you are getting the best Eco Lawn grass seed matting is designed to use products naturally occurring to ensure optimal growth for your lawn ensconced within a convenient, easy to lay mat. Just add soil and water then sit back enjoy the results.

If you have any queries or if you would like a free, no obligation quote please contact our friendly Eco Lawn team on 0800 002 648, we are only too happy to assist.

Isn’t it time to go au natural with the Eco Lawn touch?

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