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Gorgeous Grass-scapes for Adult only Fun

Residential Artificial Grass

The satisfied closing of the bedroom door, a collective sigh follows. The deed has been done! A culmination of precise parental planning that would make the most fastidious of Generals feel incompetent. All false starts of which there were many each bringing forth a string of expletives muttered under one’s breath that would make a sailor blush. But finally their offspring has been dispatched to the land of dreams – relieved parents give each other a silent high five, it is now time for adult frivolity and fun.

A gorgeous grass-scape that is Super Lush, with its long 50mm, dense, two-tone weave blankets the backyard. For the connoisseurs of all things grass, for those that seek quality with extra cushioning, that comes with the best of the best. Awakening the inner child, enticing the removal of footwear, dormant senses tweaked feeling the lusciousness beneath one’s feet.

The place where adults come out to play atop a decadent natural looking, lawn that looks as good at night as it does during the day, lit by strategically placed lights.

The scene is set.

Potentially rambunctious, raucous soirees, the night air peppered with adult innuendo. The tinkle of laughter, a splash of liquid against the fine glass, the clink of china finery brought forth for the night out of storage created for their safety, away from sticky fingers, brought out to impress, for occasions that deserve only the very best.

Fine food equipped for adult palates nary the ankle biter lest it spits out followed by the inevitable ‘Ew that’s gross’ accompanied by a face like a slapped backside.

An evening that is wonderful, that lingers well into the night, friendships once again cemented. The soon to be beckoning of dawn sees the last of the lingerers leaving.

The tendrils of overindulgence come creeping in, just in time for the evitable dawn chorus of all things small and demanding. Adult eyes flicker to close memories of all things adult atop the best of the best backyard green carpet.

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  1. Jared Smith
    January 9, 2018

    Oh yeah. Super lush for me all the way.

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