Eco Lawn Pro Putt 16mm

Pro Putt 16mm


Pro Putt 16mm

Copy of Golf Putt 16
Copy of Golf Putt 16-Side

Product Specification Sheet


Title Pro Putt 16
Pile Height 16mm
Roll Width 4m of usable product
Roll Length Up to 25m
Material PE + PP
Colour 2-tone
Gauge 3/16”
Stitch Rate / 100mm 400(±3%)
Yarn Shape PE Curl 
Density 84000 ±3%
Dtex 5600 Dtex
Primary Backing UV Resistant PP 175g/m²
Secondary Backing (Coating) PP cloth + Mesh+ SBR coating
Infill Material Washed and dried sand
Infill Grade 0.3mm to 1.0mm
Infill Rate 7kg-8kg / m2
Yarn Withdrawal Force ≥45N
UV & Heat Resistance Treated with the highest UV stabiliser and heat resistant material (FIFA Standard)
Matt Finish Yes
Drainage Holes (mm) 5mm±1mm
Drainage Holes / m2 320-400 /m²
Osmosis 7200L/H/M²
Yarn Weight g/m2 1703(±5%)
Total Weight g/m2 2896.4 (±10%)
Product Guarantee 8 year guarantee as per our terms and conditions
Product Advantage
  1. Technology focused to ensure a smooth surface to support optimum ball roll performance.
  2. PE material is softer but extremely durable.