Feijoa Feista

Feijoa Fiesta

Another season is upon us, making way for a veritable swath of different scintillating flavours to gambol upon one’s taste buds. Tasty summer produce slowly fading to the recesses of one’s mind becoming a distant memory as the warmer season fades away making way for the abundance of autumn flavours.

The grizzling about the cooler weather can easily be forgiven. The biting cold is easily forgotten in the face of warmer weather coupled with day light savings where day melds into night, outdoor living is the norm and conversation flows easily well into the night. The cooler weather is a rude signal where all must change and warmth sought indoors with the outside world plunging into inky darkness much earlier than usual.

March to June is the season of the Feijoa with oval shapes whose interiors taste somewhat like antiseptic phlegm. Eager followers lay in wait for the bountiful green morsels, stuffing themselves silly and quite happy to never see another one again only to rinse and repeat the following year.

Fruit trees are quite a common fixture in Kiwi backyards. There is the quintessential lemon, mandatory mandarin and juicy orange and like all fruit trees will drop fruit, often prior to ripening to thin out the fruit for optimum growth and then when ripe.

Fruit trees wreak havoc on natural grass as their thick, evergreen foliage filters sunlight rendering it inadequate for optimal blade growth, in addition, a blanket of dead and rotting leaves and fruit creating patchy growth and bare patches at the base and surrounding the tree.

Eco Lawn’s quality artificial grass can take away this unsightly scene by creating a uniform, eye pleasing look where ever it is laid. As it does not need sunlight to grow it can be laid anywhere where natural grass fails to thrive.

But for those of you that have already wisely chosen the path of artificial over natural grass and have fruit trees in place some minor care will need to be taken to ensure your chosen artificial grass product continues to meet and exceed expectations.

Like with all organic material on your artificial lawn, leaves and fruit will need to be regularly cleared to prevent the build-up of fungal growth. If this occurs cleaning with a mild detergent or an enzyme spray should return your blades back to their pristine green in no time at all.

Do you think that Eco Lawn’s artificial grass could be the flare required for your next Feijoa fruit fiesta?


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