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Fake grass for DINKS

Couple Embrace Happiness

D.I.N.K.S – the acronym for Double Income No Kids. A busy lifestyle for two without all the trappings that children can bring.

Career development is high on one’s list as well as a lively social calendar sandwiched with life admin and other mandatory requirements essential for living.

Life is for living, drudgery outsourced for the right price and corners cut where possible to get the most out of every day whilst following the upward trajectory that comes with striving for new goals as others are conquered.

The home is not only considered a base but also a sanctuary, a place where one can step off the treadmill and recharge especially when holidays elsewhere is not an option or when one merely wants to hide within the comforts of their own environs.

Whilst lawn care can be outsourced, people who care about the appearances of your property as much as you do can be hit and miss. Rather than paying someone to do a mediocre job or saving money on lawn care altogether have you considered doing away with natural grass and embracing the fake?

Hard work and natural grass come hand in hand. The light maintenance required with artificial grass fits right into the executive lifestyle. Quality Eco Lawn artificial grass is manufactured in Australia where there are no corners cut to ensure that it meets your discerning expectations and then some.

Come home to the outdoor, underfoot comfort that comes with Eco Lawn artificial grass range. Where there is a grass type for everyone. Sometimes the best natural look comes from being fake.

Make your house not only a home but a sanctuary with the perennially gorgeous Eco Lawn touch.


The perfect lifestyle choice for DINKS

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