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Recyclable Artificial Grass

Our Environmental Statement

We love nature


Here at Eco Lawn, we love nature as much as you do. Like most, you’re probably wondering what’s so “eco” about an artificial grass company?

The “Eco” in Eco Lawn, as you may have guessed, is for “eco-friendly,” meaning, not environmentally harmful. Like most Kiwis, reducing the harm that comes to our clean, green country is as important to us as it is to you.

So, what makes Eco Lawn so eco?

Well, we were the first artificial grass company in New Zealand to transition from non-recyclable artificial grass to recyclable artificial grass products. We are now one of the very few that have a completely recyclable product, from artificial turf yarn to turf backing. Most other companies opt for the much cheaper, SBR-latex-backed products. It’s usually quite easy to spot, the backing of SBR is black in colour (ours is not) and gets much hotter in the sun.

That’s not all, we currently reuse and recycle our artificial grass off-cuts to create free sample boxes for our clients. We are committed to continued developments across all our products to preserve our precious environment and resources. Even the turf enzyme spray we use to keep Eco Lawn pristine and clean is biodegradable.

What does recycled Eco Lawn become?

It’s made into plastic blocks, sleepers, square and circular posts mainly. The kind you’ll often find in parking buildings, or on building sites. It also can be used to create garden siding and edging, also retaining and farm fencing so it really does come full circle and back into another garden and serve another purpose with a new lease on life.

Is a real lawn better?
Food gardens and forests are the very best use of green space, ecologically speaking. But that’s not realistic for everyone, as much as we’d all like to have fresh produce in all of our back gardens. Realistically, most people have yards and those yards have real grass. Real grass demands a lot of water, mowing, and maintenance, without providing a real return other than having a nice-looking yard when it’s well-kept. Sometimes real grass even calls for fertilisers or chemicals to help it grow or to kill off unwanted plants growing in the grass.

Eco Lawn on the other hand maintains an immaculate look and feel all year round, regardless of the weather. It doesn’t need any water, which means no plastic hoses or irrigation systems, no fertilisers and chemicals, and no pressure on our water tables. Eco Lawn doesn’t need mowing, so that’s one less mower needed for every property. Less petrol, plastic, and metal are used to make them and fewer transport costs for those things.
We’re in the process of getting a third-party sustainability assessment. It’s one thing for us to say it, but we’d rather you heard it from someone else.

Bee’s, Tree’s, and Carbon Footprints
Eco Lawn isn’t great for bees, but neither is a lawn that is kept short (flowerless). Bees need flowers and are very selective in their flower choice for harvesting nectar. At Eco Lawn for every 25m2 of turf we lay, we also plant a New Zealand native tree. This essentially means for every job we do, we plant at least one tree. The bigger the job, the more trees we plant. That’s great for the bees, great for the planet, and great for you when you’re thinking about why you should finally switch from real grass to artificial, with a conscious consideration of the change in carbon emissions.

Eventually, all our planted trees will do more work digesting carbon than all the real grass we’ve ever replaced.

Eco Lawn is 100% recyclable


Recyclable Artificial Grass


Recyclable Artificial Grass


Recyclable Artificial Grass


  • Plastic Garden Edging
  • Plastic Retaining Posts
  • Plastic Sleepers

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