Eco Lawn Eco Prime 40mm

Eco Prime 40mm


Eco Prime 40mm

Eco Prime 40 v2
Eco Prime 40 v2-Side

Product Specification Sheet


Title Eco Prime 40 v2
Pile Height 40mm
Roll Width 3.7m of usable product
Roll Length Up to 20m
Material PE + PP
Colour 4-tone
Gauge ⅜”
Stitch Rate 140/100mm +/-2%
Yarn Shape PE(Wave-shape)+ PP curl
Density 14,700/m2 +/-3%
Dtex 17,100 +/- 3%
Primary Backing UV Resistant Double PP Cloth 200g/m2
Secondary Backing (Coating) High Strength Recyclable Clear Coating (Cooler than black) 
Infill Material Washed and dried sand
Infill Grade 0.3mm to 1.0mm
Infill Rate 10kg-11kg / m2
Yarn Withdrawal Force ≥45N
UV & Heat Resistance Treated with the highest UV stabiliser and heat resistant material (FIFA Standard)
Matt Finish Yes
Drainage Holes (mm) 5mm+/-1mm
Drainage Holes / m2 320-400 / m2
Osmosis (Permeability) 7200L/H/m2
Yarn Weight g/m2 2055 +/-5%
Total Weight g/m2 2905 +/-10%
Product Guarantee 8-10 year guarantee as per our terms and conditions
Product Advantage
  1. Super water permeability can guarantee the grass will remove excess water better than standard real grass and soil.
  2. The double PP Cloth backing and recyclable clear coating is the strongest backing on the market, much stronger than SBR Latex.
  3. The clear coating does not absorb water like SBR Latex does so it’s much more hygienic for pet urine.
  4. The wave shape yarn with matt finish provides a great visual effect, better standing ability and soft to touch, very high density.
  5. 100% recyclable – the entirety of this product can be cut, melted and reproduced into another usable plastic.