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Easter frivolousness

The Eco Lawn team has left, leaving in their wake a splendid scene, a pleasant surprise for the uninitiated and a warm sense of satisfaction for the new owners. A sound investment for the section, a bona fide feast for the eyes all bundled up within a decadent package labelled ‘easy care’.

Super lush 55mm was the choice of the day that left nary a bad taste in one’s mouth whilst basking in the glow of making the right choice.

The arena of perfection has been set, awaiting the arrival of the relos with an unfortunate impending sense of doom for what will become of ‘our best choice ever’, the wondrous ground cover that is OUR artificial grass?

The mandatory chocolate egg hunt is a great idea but the thought of the melted chocolate of the forgotten ones, baking under the hot autumn sun. Puddles of brown atop the artificial green interrupting the luscious scene.

The backyard barbie – the perfect way to feed a crowd, the creator of an eye twitching, grease be splattered godawful scene.

The second coming of Dad’s snags and rich food during periods of high excitement and splashes of beverages that leave a sticky residue.

The rough and tumble with the familial child appointed pied piper surely would leave a mark.

Panic is building, stress is abundantly clear, was inviting the relos really a good idea?

Artificial grass is a pleasant panic stopper. Australian made artificial grass supplied by Eco Lawn is the epitome of durability. Built tough and to last with the intention that life happens.

Just spray it all away. A good go with the garden hose should see spills eradicated. For stubborn stains a spot clean with a mild soap solution could all be what it needs. For flattened areas a brush with a broom will see your lawn returned to its usual showroom standard.

Whilst you are eating your weight in chocolate or stuffing your face with hot cross buns could you quietly contemplate that your Easter could do with the Eco Lawn touch?

The Eco Lawn team wishes you a safe and happy Easter break.


The perfect platform for Easter frivolities

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