Artificial grass being installed. It has been cut to size and rolled out and laid and is being nailed down along a fence. The installer has a hammer and nails.

Green without the Gaffes: Common Mistakes to Avoid with Artificial Turf in New Zealand


Artificial turf has transformed landscaping, providing a lush, low-maintenance alternative to traditional lawns. Yet, like any landscaping project, there are pitfalls to avoid for a long-lasting synthetic oasis. In this blog post, we’ll uncover some common mistakes when it comes to artificial turf installation and maintenance.


Skipping Proper Ground Preparation

The foundation is crucial. One common mistake is neglecting proper ground preparation before laying artificial turf. Ensure the soil is level, well-compacted, and adequately drained. This foundational step sets the stage for a smooth, even, and enduring synthetic lawn.


Choosing the Wrong Quality

Not all artificial turf is created equal. Opting for low-quality turf to save on costs may seem tempting, but it can lead to issues like fading, matting, and a shorter lifespan. Invest in high-quality artificial turf with durable fibres and a robust backing for a vibrant and resilient lawn.


Ignoring Drainage Needs

Adequate drainage is vital for artificial turf health. Neglecting drainage needs can result in water puddles, leading to mould, mildew, and a compromised turf structure. Ensure proper installation of drainage systems or use permeable base materials to allow efficient water flow.


Incorrect Infill Application

Infill is crucial for stability, resilience, and overall performance. However, applying the wrong type or amount of infill can lead to issues. Follow manufacturer guidelines for infill selection and application to avoid problems like overheating or poor drainage.


Neglecting Pet-Friendly Considerations

If you have pets, choose artificial turf designed with pet-friendly features. Common mistakes include using infill materials that retain odours, neglecting proper drainage for pet urine, or failing to clean up waste promptly. Select pet-friendly turf varieties and establish a regular cleaning routine for a clean and safe environment for your furry friends.


Overlooking UV Protection

Artificial turf exposed to direct sunlight can fade over time. Ensure the artificial turf you choose has UV protection to maintain its colour vibrancy and resist sun-induced wear. This is particularly important in regions with intense sunlight.


Ignoring Edging and Seaming

Proper edging and seaming are essential for a polished and professional-looking artificial turf installation. Failing to secure the edges and seams adequately can result in lifting, uneven surfaces, and an overall untidy appearance. Invest time in careful edging and seaming for a seamless and visually appealing turf installation.


Avoiding these common mistakes is key to ensuring that your artificial turf investment stands the test of time in New Zealand. By prioritising proper installation practices, selecting high-quality turf, addressing drainage needs, and implementing regular maintenance, you’ll enjoy a lush, green lawn that requires minimal effort and looks fantastic year-round. Stay mindful, and let your artificial turf shine without the gaffes!

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