Eco Lawn Landscaping Coffee on Artificial Green

Coffee on Artificial Green

Experts Artificial Grass Installer NZ

A relaxing cup of java with a little something sweet on the side, soothing, luscious green underfoot, a splash of natural in an impersonal world. For those that choose to take away it an aesthetic place to stop in between the busy.

A place to restore the equilibrium, shoes off permissible. The innate human requirement to reach out and touch is satisfied when experiencing the feeling of the decadent blades that is Eco Lawn grass caressing the toes, the restoration of humanity back into the human.

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Gloria Jeans Sky City and Jamaica Blue out at Auckland Airport were not disappointed when EcoLawn answered their call for out of the box thinking when it comes to flooring. Their choice of artificial grass made a very pleasing statement indeed, complimenting the surrounding furnishings.

EcoLawn’s artificial grass need not be relegated to the outdoors. Their quality products put the H in Hardwearing and being non-slip they are ideal for high spill areas such as the urban hub that is the local coffee shop.

Coupled with well-placed drainage a simple hose down will keep your indoor lawn looking lush and green. Its inbuilt stain resistant properties repellent to colourific drips and the somewhat spartan nature that is a lick and a promise will most certainly do.

EcoLawn’s Summer Green 12.5mm has been made with indoor use in mind but due to the versatility that comes with quality artificial grass products any of their generous range will meet the mark when it comes to expectations. There will always be the right product just for you.

The professionalism of EcoLawn is as such that customer satisfaction over profitability is their goal. If there are any issues they will work to overcome them to ensure a pleasing product every time.

Installations by Eco Lawn are a deceptively easy lay, experience slicing time off installations means more money remaining in your pocket and the longevity of your carefully considered purchase.

Artificial grass is the product that shines where natural struggles to grow especially in built-up suburban areas where the end product of vehicular combustion spews forth, coupled with high foot traffic, hindering any hopeful growth. The laying of the artificial with a burst of bountiful green in a city that never sleeps is a smart choice for those who dare to be different.

Don’t you think that your service of delicious coffees should be accompanied by the EcoLawn touch?

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