Clean lines

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Artificial grass makes a bold statement when one is defying the rules of nature. Our lives are changing and with change comes sacrifice in the form of time.

Time cannot stop but you can create an effect in your back yard that is timeless thanks to Eco Lawn artificial grass.

This grass is manufactured into a lawn with a blade type and length that you desire that will never change nor disappoint whilst looking as good as it did when first installed.

Like with any manufactured product artificial grass varies significantly in quality and in price. Artificial grass should be considered an asset and treated as such. This is an important decision it pays to check where they are manufactured to avoid costly mistakes in the future and if the price is too good to be true it probably is.

Eco Lawn artificial grass products are manufactured in Australia to high Australian and NZ standards and meets UV requirements to ensure longevity in the harshest of climates.

Expert installation ensures that the chosen product meets expectation and meets set standards.

Clutter need not apply in the light of sleek functional design without the need for effort. Sharp contrasting colours where boundaries are not crossed and space is well defined.

Clean lines screaming well maintained at all costs but this could not be further than the truth. Low maintenance artificial grass is the way of the future and the defiant act of control in a fast-paced world.

Sharp lines will never be out of place from the backyard of the harried executive, to the well-heeled professionals to the organized chaos of a family friendly back yard and every lifestyle in between.

Take control of your personal environment by creating a yard that is quintessentially yours that requires little effort to maintain the scene created from your own mindscape allowing for perennial satisfaction.

Clean lines are the epitome of the Eco Lawn touch.


For clean lines every time.

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