Eco Lawn Landscaping Christmas shenanigans with EcoLawn

Christmas shenanigans with EcoLawn

Artificial grass

Ah! Christmas.  The time of the seasonal spend, rising anxiety of getting things done (and done right) and the arrival of the rotund old man himself.  This is a season of giving (and receiving), the ingurgitation of much food and drink before being spat out in January with a few extra pounds and facing a hefty fiscal deficit.

The shopping centre car park lottery and where all good sense takes flight whilst stoically working ones way through a monumental gift shopping list (some of which post-Christmas will be relegated to the cupboard of good ideas that entirely missed the mark), the season of good will is conveniently forgotten when there is only one singing, swaying Santa left and three people needing it like yesterday.

With hands like windmills and elbows serving as blunt but extremely effective weapons, food shopping for Christmas day rivals a pre-apocalyptic dash for must haves.  Bulging trolleys with items for just in case a stressed mind placing a shroud over the fact that the stores are shut for only one day.

Everything must look spiffy both outside and in but alas we are not in the Northern hemisphere where snow blankets all sorts of backyard woes.

A normal get together is never this much lamentation but because Christmas the scene of perfection must be set and everything must be just so.

We all know that lawn beautification takes time but to strive to the apex of accomplishment that is Christmas readiness amidst the growing lists, whilst getting through the daily grind is a tall order indeed.

Have you considered just doing away with it all?  Rip it all up and replacing it with low maintenance artificial?

Eco lawn artificial grass is the lawn with no surprises.  It will be perennially Chrissie day pristine, ready for whatever seasonal frivolity you choose

Try Super lush 55mm a luxurious grass to match the season of decadence.  Manufactured in Australia it will withstand harsh kiwi summers, multiple hoof prints of Santa’s reindeer,  Christmas day backyard cricket matches, New Year’s eve festivities (and the end result) and other recurrent high jinks.

Quality artificial grass from Eco Lawn is the lawn that looks better the more you use it.

Could your Christmas sanity be saved by the EcoLawn touch?

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