Eco Lawn Landscaping Your choice of the summer green

Your choice of the summer green

Lush 35 Artificial Grass Corner

Not long to go until the rising temperatures stamps the S firmly in summer. The festive season is almost upon us. The mandatory meeting of relos (and inevitable debacles) peppered with various gatherings of like-minded friends. ‘Tis the season of ‘just because I can’. The time of the year where sanity flies out the window with the plastic in full swipe.

Mowing the lawn in scorching temperatures certainly doesn’t induce a fiesta type mood but not doing it could be reminiscent of the outcome of an outhouse collapse whilst in situ.

Sprinklers on at dusk with the water meter on high tick, the diligent fertilisation and miscellaneous lawn care for what? Could the outcome be a lawn that would rival a haphazard kilt sans sporran where hidden nasties lurk?

Is it time for a change to a perennial green ensuring that summer remains in your yard all year round?

Let the magnificent EcoLawn menu of tantalising choices take you to an outcome of your dreams. The professionalism of the Eco Lawn installation team will have you from going to wow in the shortest time possible.

Let’s open the Pandora’s box of all menus and let the titillating choices beguile you.

These are the lawns of no surprises and there will be a choice just for you. These low maintenance lawns are made for use without all the vexation. Ensuring summer downtime involves a snooze ensconced within a hammock, swaying gently, a mere whisper of a breeze taking the edge off Dante’s inferno-like high summer heat.

These are the lawns made for the Kiwi Climes you will not find the words “China” nor “made in” here. These lawns are manufactured in Australia the land of extremes. There is no pretending with these lawns. Eco Lawn will only supply you with the best.

If you are having trouble deciding or you have a troublesome spot, the EcoLawn team will only be too happy to offer advice ensuring that your purchase and installation is disappointment free.

Could you be tempted to extend your summer to autumn and beyond with a choice from the menu of the Eco Lawn touch?

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