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How to care for Artificial Turf?

So you have already made the superbly scrumptious choice to have the Eco-Lawn touch of Artificial Grass in your backyard? Bountiful blades of soft luscious green perfection are already adorning your property. Or you are contemplating such a choice and need to know exactly how to care for your investment should you wish to take the plunge?

With artificial grass, the lawn mower, edger, fertiliser, herbicides and other tools of beautification are forever relegated to languish in the garden shed with the other living shed natives that lurk there too. The water meter forever slowed to a less than a regular tick. The time consuming, weekend and spare time sucking chore that describes lawn care become a thing of the past.

It is important to note that Artificial Grass is low maintenance and therefore required only to keep it looking it’s best allowing for it to look great for years to come and then some and to meet all high expectations.

The amount of maintenance varies from lawn to lawn. If you have a tribe of kids that enjoy regular outdoor play with a menagerie of animals especially dogs to boot or bush surrounds to rival Fiordland or maybe well-trodden grassy paths to here or there or low usage laid merely for aesthetic purposes then maintenance needs will differ whilst still remaining much less than the care required for natural grass.

    • Knock yourself out – use your lawn! If things are spilt on it rinse off quickly. If not it isn’t the end of the world equal parts of white vinegar and water coupled with a light scrub should do the trick to remove stubborn or not so stubborn stains.
    • If your crowning glory aka artificial grass is looking a tad flat then groom against the natural pile direction to make it stand to attention once again.
    • Avoid having a permanently parked BBQ unless you have matting or a base as a build-up of fat gives your grass a less than pleasing appearance.
    • Encourage the smoking beasts to butt out not amongst the blades but into strategically placed ashtrays.
    • If there are leaves and other organic wastes, don’t leave to compost remove with a leaf blower or a plastic rake to prevent the build-up of moss and algae.
    • Your artificial grass investment is not designed to be a highway so please limit vehicles driving over to the bare minimum or avoid altogether.
    • If you haven’t had rain for a while a light sprinkle of water to remove dust and pollens is just the ticket to return your blades to their former glory.
    • To keep potential pongs of leavings from your beloved hairy creature(s) to a low key hum pick up solid waste as usual coupled with a hose down. For regularly used areas Eco-Lawn stocks a  ‘you beaut’ enzyme-based spray that will eliminate hard to remove odours or alternatively the good ole’ white vinegar with equal parts of lukewarm water works well after removal and hosing.

Clean, green and odour free make your artificial grass an even more inviting place to be. It’s healthy, presentable and very lush make sure you give your artificial grass the maintenance touch!

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