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Burn Baby Burn

drink and grass

One would have to wonder whether natural grass is worth it. Sitting in quiet contemplation or merely procrastinating that, yet again, the time has come to give the surrounding brownery aka the back yard a much-needed haircut.

At least the beating rays of sun have curtailed any sort of vivacious growth of the grass itself but the weeds will always shine through giving the appearance of a rather haphazard relief map with the unwelcome emergence of lawn land mines commonly known as onehunga weed.

A busy life lurching from one social event to another whilst juggling home life and work it is hard to find the time to tame the natural and therefore detonating any illusion that you have a burgeoning green thumb.

Let us be realistic here, natural grass is living it requires copious amounts of water to keep it looking gorgeously green. Of course, water, the elixir of life, promotes growth so more mowing and of course edging to keep it within your carefully chosen boundaries.

Natural grass needs fertilizer to keep it lush and targeted herbicides to keep it weed free all of which is about as welcome to the environment as the expulsion of used food gas in a small, enclosed space.

A systematic approach should get your natural grass as close to expectations as possible but being natural it will be unpredictable as a preschooler post red cordial.

But there is a minor issue. For luscious natural lawn to occur you need time for it to work so lawn care will come at the expense of another task that makes up the daily jigsaw of living. Heaven forbid that you go on holiday then you are back to square one.

If you really want to be honest with yourself lawn care is expensive with both time and finances if you wish to continually strive for the best.

With Eco Lawn’s artificial grass products, you will continually have the most eye pleasing lawn but without all the time-consuming maintenance.  The product you choose from the extensive range is what it will look like for years to come, happily encapsulating your back yard and making it into the crowning glory that in the past that you have only dreamed of.

Until you are ready to make that all important change your natural grass continues to burn baby burn under the hot summer’s sun. Do you think that your long-suffering backyard could do with the relief that comes with the Eco Lawn touch?

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