Eco Lawn General Articles Bring the glory of artificial into your Christmas

Bring the glory of artificial into your Christmas

Residential Artificial Grass

The post cook heat from the kitchen rivalling the sweltering temperatures outside. Higgledy-piggledy piles of dirty dishes like palisades preventing anyone from locating the sink. The dishwasher methodically churning through its umpteenth cycle since early that morning and for the harried cooks and chief bottle washers, the end is near.

But what a repast it was, tables groaning with traditional hearty fare. Hot food making its appearance just in time for the pinnacle of a hot day -.the mandatory roast turkey (after all it wouldn’t be Christmas without it) with all the trimmings, roast veg and plum pudding (sans coins as a result of a previous festive dash to the local A&E – lest us forget!), homemade custard, lashings of cream, pavlova with sliced kiwifruit dotted on top like moss covered stepping stones and Aunt Aggies sainted Ambrosia.

The carefully selected live Christmas tree with a bad case of brewers droop recently denuded of all its brightly coloured, wrapped gifts sits forlornly in the corner, its twinkling lights doing little to shake its melancholy.

It is late afternoon the heat that had been building since that morning slowly dissipating in increments, a hint of a cooling breeze and the beginning of red hues in the clear skies an indication of a cracker evening to come. It is debatable whether it is this breeze that rouses the arvo snoozers from their individual food comas or the niggly nagging of the ankle biters eager to begin the post-feast cricket match.

Let us pause for a moment and feast our eyes across the quite agreeable scene that is the backyard. There is the swimming pool, sparkling invitingly under the rays of the hot summer’s sun, the natural grass has long departed at the hands of the diligent Eco Lawn team and in its place the decadent green of Eco Lawn’s easy draining artificial grass type that is South grass 30mm setting the eye-catching scene.

Low maintenance Wide leaf 40mm blanketing the front and backyard bestowing quite the benchmark against its natural counterparts. It’s just mowed, gorgeous look creating the illusion that many hours must have surely been spent towards its care but the reality could not be any different.

Look! There is the cricket pitch with its own place of pride, the jewel amongst all of this crowning glory. The sports turf – Cricket pitch 9mm with its consistent bounce performance ensuring that professionalism is properly stamped onto a backyard cricket match and a place where dreams will begin and end peppered with a jolly good tanty or two.

Adults begin the pilgrimage to the place of play in various states of sobriety it is time for the annual cricket match may the best team win today.

Could your Christmas day cricket match or otherwise do with the Eco Lawn touch?

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