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Bring the Outdoors in with Artificial Grass

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If you have already decided to use the artificial touch for your yard how about extending its use to inside your home? The dark and dreary area otherwise known as the basement would be an excellent place to start.

The home of excess moisture, the harbinger of mold and mildew.

A cheerless place where only the brave may tread, natural light spartan at best, a place rarely aired, lonely and forgotten.

The abandoned homes of the hairy scaries, the stalactites of an abandoned space rendering it cave light and eerie, caressing the face of the already wary like the barely there touch of the unworldly, sending them screaming, arms flailing, into the light.

A naked bulb speckled with the excrement of long-dead flies providing little relief from the shadowy darkness that threatens to consume, creating ethereal creatures for the mind’s eye.

A graveyard for things forgotten, the items that were once a good idea and will be useful ‘someday’. Boxes coated in spores adding their individual perfume to the unwelcoming scent permeating the surrounds.

A wasted space in the otherwise functional home.

Hurl the rubbish outside, be gone the stinky boxes containing the splayds and sporks belonging to Great Aunt Agatha, the broken bits to be fixed, the damp rectangular tombs of family games and puzzles with missing pieces, the items of yesteryear, the Christmas crap unable to be re-gifted even to the most disliked and stuff belonging to the closet hoarder – away with you, you useless things.

Disassemble the shelving holding up what time forgot, clear the room of relics past.

Reinvention has begun. Let the ideas burst forth.

Slap on some cheerful colour, a base coat for whatever you choose, a trio of kiwis, a ponga and some fernery, the oh so green grass of Southland with a woolly sheep or two, hokey pokey ice cream wedged in a cone, a chocolate fish or the ‘Longest Drink in town’ greasies on the beach with a hopeful seagull or a few. Cheerful pictures for kids at play or something manly for the man cave.

Unfurl the artificial grass; lay it flat providing the perfect underfoot surface for any age and gender at play.

The rolling plains of Wide leaf 40mm with a backdrop of perpetual sunny skies when the weather outside is unwelcoming, sour and cold. This quality product is not affected by damp or moisture a great idea with it natural broadleaf look to bring the outdoors in. Or the Summer green 12.5mm as a vibrant, lush perpetual summer natural look to caress the feet traversing its space. The ideal indoor carpet. Or what about the Cool play in purple, green or blue to add colour that pops which adds cheer to the room?

What to strategically place on this lush canvas? What can the limits of one’s imagination achieve? Toadstool seats for the reader to perch, a free-standing hammock for one to rock, climbing frames for the smallest of ankle biters, a basketball hoop, a bar and pinball machine or a beer garden for adults at play?

Time to brainstorm, to redo YOUR basement YOUR way.

Does the reinvention of your Basement deserve the Eco-Lawn touch?

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