Eco Lawn Blog Landscaping "Bring on the Artificial" - A Backyard Transformation

“Bring on the Artificial” – A Backyard Transformation


A barren wasteland of relinquished dreams, simply begging to be cherished and enjoyed to every inch of its not so ¼ acre.

Lamenting of the loss of yet another day on the weekend where time is a precious commodity squeezed by ever-increasing commitments where the barest of the minimum will have to do heralding the creation of lacklustre pasture where the seeds of change are in urgent need. A backyard should be a place in which to spend time, not waste it.

A cacophony of whinge and of whine, “But its borrrrrrrrinng out there,” splicing through the suburban hum. The Parental wish of herding the Kids outside has as much hope as a snail dodging cars in peak hour traffic. The errant Parent treated thereon after to a day of offspring side eye.

Banish the washed out patchy green of yesterday, artificial breathing life into an unimaginative backyard scape. The seeds of change have finally blown in, a luscious, deep green grass scape replacing the old and tantalising even the most devoid of all imagination.

Be gone the plethora of lawn beautification condiments, get thee to the garden shed! May they become the dust gatherers alongside the other ‘good ideas’ in the far recesses where the biggest, blackest, hairiest lurk hanging by the tendrils of their gossamer thread.

Gone are the days where the grass shall rule where the twain shall certainly meet, with its pointed ignorance of designated boundaries and its insatiable appetite for space.

A new found status has been given to the garden path, that aged, meandering ribbon where grass runners become no more, its edges respected where the grass shall never stray. Its edges now crisp and well defined.

Bring on the lush green canvas accentuating the tools of fun – a place for kids to play, a cheerful garden where boredom ends and family fun begins, a backyard to be proud of and for people to meet. Where Grandad’s dry as desiccated coconut jokes if not understood can at least be tolerated.

It was EcoLawn that provided the palatial canvas of lush, green grass which made the Uhila Family backyard “POP” and was featured in TVNZ’s HOMEmade Show. The product used in the show was “Eco Prime“.

A garden transformation without EcoLawn is considered incomplete. Contact Us today for a free assessment.

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