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Two Shades Of Artificial Grass

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Artificial Grass

When you need a low maintenance addition to beautify your outdoor space, artificial grass is a great solution! It also eliminates the fighting over whose turn it is to mow the lawn. Artificial grass is the latest trend in landscaping...
Home Putting Green

A home putting green you say?! The competitive edge!

A home putting green you say?! Transform your outdoor living space into a combination of beauty and competitive fun with your own home putting green! What’s better than relaxing on your newly laid artificial turf? Using your new and improved...
Res Side

Artificial grass is Permeable

Lavish layers nestled on a sub soil base, generously dusted with sand and finished with luscious Eco lawn artificial grass.  A feast not for the mouth but for the eyes and keeping with the inherent human need to not only...
Close Up Diy Measuring Tape

We Supply!

Are you the type that likes a good DIY project? The one you can just sink your teeth into then once complete give yourself a good pat on the back and bask in the glory of your toils for years...
American Football Ball Brown

The modern day astro turf

Astro turf, artificial grass, artificial turf and sports turf are all names given to synthetic turf. They are the artificial answer to real grass. Whilst the brand name AstroTurf is patented to this day in the US it is used...
Close Up Cold Environment

It’s crunch time

Let us put aside the chill factor for now and give into the temptation to gambol, in wild abandon, across one’s lawn, reminiscing of the days as a child where frost brings a dusting of white over all that is...
Eco Friendly Artificial Grass Ground

Why don’t you just fake it?

Lawns were not exactly a ‘thing’ until in the 1800s someone felt that nicely cut turf would be a great idea. That’s when a specialist, otherwise known as the scythe man who knew how to cut the grass to a...
Garden Gardening Grass

Besmirching the Family tradition

The audible crunch as four tyres simultaneously bit into the gravel – the Eco Lawn van departs, leaving behind a newly minted customer, quivering with excitement like a child on Christmas Eve. Thanks to the knowledgeable team, problem areas were...

Latest Products

  • Turf Seam Roller

    Roberts Carpet Seam Roller

    $164.99 incl. GST
  • Lush 35(2) – Artificial Grass – Corner

    Lush 35

    $52.79 incl. GST
  • Summer 35 – Artificial Grass – Corner

    Summer 35

    $58.54 incl. GST

    Out of stock

  • Prime 40 – Artificial Grass – Corner

    Prime 40

    $64.29 incl. GST
  • Summer 40 – Artificial Grass – Corner

    Summer 40

    $70.04 incl. GST
  • Pro Putt 16 – Artificial Grass – Corner

    Pro Putt 16

    $75.79 incl. GST
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