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Tips To Help You Choose The Ri

6 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Type of Artificial Grass

It's not always easy picking the perfect artificial turf for your home, business, or sports centre. Artificial grass has become a popular option for many people as it's durable and looks great. But deciding on the right shade, type, brand...
Most Common Problems With Artifi

Most Common Problems With Artificial Grass and How to Solve Them

If you choose to go DIY for turf installation, chances are, you'll run into a lot of tricky problems. But fret not, oftentimes, these problems can be easily solved and prevented provided you don't just jump into your project willy-nilly...
soccer ball on green grass

Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly?

Artificial grass is beautiful - it's always brilliantly green and looks flawless on any yard or sports field. But should you use it in your home? If you're one of the many people who've always wanted to try artificial turf...
Synthetic Turf On Lawn

How to Maintain Your Synthetic Grass

Have you made the move to install artificial grass on your lawn? Maybe you live in an apartment and want a deck with some grass for your dogs. Maybe you just don't want to mow your lawn every week or...
Artificial Grass On Front Lawn

How Is Artificial Grass Made?

Artificial grass continues to grow in popularity. It is a great option instead of taking care of real grass. It is perfect for areas where you have a hard time growing real grass or you just don't want to invest...
Two Shades Of Artificial Grass

10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Artificial Grass

When you need a low maintenance addition to beautify your outdoor space, artificial grass is a great solution! It also eliminates the fighting over whose turn it is to mow the lawn. Artificial grass is the latest trend in landscaping...
Home Putting Green

A home putting green you say?! The competitive edge!

A home putting green you say?! Transform your outdoor living space into a combination of beauty and competitive fun with your own home putting green! What’s better than relaxing on your newly laid artificial turf? Using your new and improved...
Res Side

Artificial grass is Permeable

Lavish layers nestled on a sub soil base, generously dusted with sand and finished with luscious Eco lawn artificial grass.  A feast not for the mouth but for the eyes and keeping with the inherent human need to not only...

Latest Products

  • 6mm Square Notch Adhesive Trowel

    6mm Square Notch Adhesive Trowel

    $15.96 incl. GST
  • Kraft Rake

    Turf Base Screed 500 X 100

    $120.00 incl. GST
  • Kraft Rake

    Turf Base Screed 760 X 100

    $142.50 incl. GST
  • Turf Seam Roller

    Roberts Carpet Seam Roller

    $164.99 incl. GST
  • HeatMaster 35

    HeatMaster 35

    $80.49 incl. GST
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