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artificial lawn on deck

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass on Rooftops and Balconies

  There is nothing like adding a touch of green when you want to create a more natural outside environment.    More of us than ever before live in homes without access to a garden. But that does not mean...
children playing on grass

The 5 Best Things About Artificial Grass For Kids Play Area

Children love playing outdoors. They are happiest when they can run, jump and play as much as they want. Playing is an essential part of their physical development.  Give them the outdoor space area they love by installing Eco Lawn’s...
Clean and neat artificial grass on the backyard

How to Care for Your Artificial Turf

Now that you have an artificial lawn, you can finally enjoy a green lush front yard the whole year-round. Artificial grass generally lasts anywhere from 15 to 25 years depending on how you care for it. How do you maintain it...
Tips To Help You Choose The Ri

6 Tips To Help You Choose the Right Type of Artificial Grass

It's not always easy picking the perfect artificial turf for your home, business, or sports centre. Artificial grass has become a popular option for many people as it's durable and looks great. But deciding on the right shade, type, brand...
Most Common Problems With Artifi

Most Common Problems With Artificial Grass and How to Solve Them

If you choose to go DIY for turf installation, chances are, you'll run into a lot of tricky problems. But fret not, oftentimes, these problems can be easily solved and prevented provided you don't just jump into your project willy-nilly...
soccer ball on green grass

Is Artificial Grass Environmentally Friendly?

Artificial grass is beautiful - it's always brilliantly green and looks flawless on any yard or sports field. But should you use it in your home? If you're one of the many people who've always wanted to try artificial turf...
Synthetic Turf On Lawn

How to Maintain Your Synthetic Grass

Have you made the move to install artificial grass on your lawn? Maybe you live in an apartment and want a deck with some grass for your dogs. Maybe you just don't want to mow your lawn every week or...
Artificial Grass On Front Lawn

How Is Artificial Grass Made?

Artificial grass continues to grow in popularity. It is a great option instead of taking care of real grass. It is perfect for areas where you have a hard time growing real grass or you just don't want to invest...

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