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why artificial grass

Six Reasons to Choose Artificial Turf for Your Home

Always dreamed of a bowling green lawn in your own backyard but never had the time or know-how to make it happen? With our increasingly hectic lifestyles, artificial lawn is transforming the Kiwi backyard. Here are six reasons more people...
artificial grass childcare

Digger and Dirt – Eco Lawn Childcare Centre Vlog

The team at Eco Lawn love messing around with diggers and dirt while they install artificial grass at an Early Child Care Centre. So often we post photos of the final result, before and after but rarely do you get...
Artificial Grass Golf Putting

War Snore – Convert All Aircraft Carriers Into Dream Liners

Why make war when you can golf! We are dreaming of the day we can use artificial grass to convert an aircraft carrier into a masterpiece golf course and truly spread our wings and cruise along side the glorious albatross...
Artificial Grass Apartments

Artificial Grass Key For Apartment Living

All apartment lovers adore the low maintenance feature and artificial grass could be that additional connection to nature we feel sometimes is lacking in the high rise concrete structures. Eco lawn's artificial grass is of the highest quality and perfectly...
Large Landscape Richard Furze Design

Our Products Featuring On Designers Dream Home – Richard Furze

We are ecstatic to announce Eco Lawn's artificial grass will be featured on the T.v. Series - Designers Dream home. Richard Furze, one of New Zealand's top architectural designers will be show casing the build of his dream home throughout...
Auckland Water Shortage – Is Artificial Grass the Solution?

Auckland Water Shortage – Is Artificial Grass the Solution?

There is no need to feel guilty when thy neighbour peers over the fence and see’s your perfectly groomed, green artificial grass during a water shortage. This previous week in Auckland has been turbulent to say the least. Particularly when...
Level yard and deck by installing artificial grass on your lawn

Want Your Yard Level With Your Deck?

Want your yard level with your deck? Easy! If you want to flatten a sloping lawn or you want to bring your lawn up level with your deck we can build retaining walls and add the hard fill required to...
Artificial grass installation professionals Auckland

Artificial Grass Installation Professionals Auckland

Struggling to grow and maintain a lush lawn at your home? Eco Lawn are artificial grass and synthetic turf specialists. We install throughout Auckland and the Waikato area. ✔ Free Assessments ✔ Fast Installation ✔ Superior Workmanship ✔ Premium Products...

Latest Products

  • 6mm Square Notch Adhesive Trowel

    6mm Square Notch Adhesive Trowel

    $15.96 incl. GST
  • Kraft Rake

    Turf Base Screed 500 X 100

    $120.00 incl. GST
  • Kraft Rake

    Turf Base Screed 760 X 100

    $142.50 incl. GST
  • Turf Seam Roller

    Roberts Carpet Seam Roller

    $164.99 incl. GST
  • HeatMaster 35

    HeatMaster 35

    $80.49 incl. GST
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