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Beware the winter spread

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The exodus of the warmer weather has begun. The sun making its seasonal journey further away from the southern hemisphere, the subtle changes apparent in our skies. Mornings have once again been plunged into darkness and the sun cannot wait to go to bed of a night.

Soon daylight saving will end, the clocks returning to the normal hour marking the end of the season of carefree fun and frivolity within the great outdoors.

Once caught in the throes of winter, heat must be sought by means other than the sun, outdoor activities curtailed by the unfriendly cold and the driving rain. The inherent need to be outside is replaced by a hibernation like state of ‘cannot be bothered’.

Winter inactivity coupled with the need to find solace in comforting food and beverages spitting the unfortunate imbiber out in spring with more rolls than a baker’s dozen.

With winter comes a feeling of lethargy, creating a silken blanket leaching motivation from those that it touches and care factor at an all-time low.

Eco Lawn recognises that it is natural to not want to go out. After all who wants to spend a day fighting the cold amongst others, spreading winter germs when one can remain at home with all creature comforts close to hand?

This is why Eco Lawn can bring the activity to your own back yard thanks to their sports turf range. Quality products to entice one to break free of the shackles of lethargy and to enjoy a heart pumping activity designed to keep the extra pounds at bay.

Eco Lawn stocks efficacious products designed to appease your active side.

How about your own personal?

 Tennis court
 Putting green
 Cricket pitch
 Soccer goal kicking practice area.

Not to mention the cool play range designed for all weather fun to prevent the winter metamorphosis of the younger set into sprog wall climbers.

With Eco Lawn quality sports turf products these activities need not wait for summer. With built in properties to allow for drainage they are ready whenever you are, right in your own yard, always available for winter fun.

By choosing Eco Lawn to not only supply you with their quality products, they also offer installation services ensuring a buoyant game every time and exercise requirements more than satisfactorily met.

Become summer ready throughout winter with the Eco lawn sporting touch.

For prevention of the winter spread

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