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Besmirching the Family tradition

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The audible crunch as four tyres simultaneously bit into the gravel – the Eco Lawn van departs, leaving behind a newly minted customer, quivering with excitement like a child on Christmas Eve.

Thanks to the knowledgeable team, problem areas were no longer such a problem and drainage requirements had been duly noted ensuring a smooth install with no nasty surprises. All measurements taken, and the quote had been given the golden nod.

Perusing the artificial grass range had been tough, there were so many options to choose from but in these somewhat trying circumstances only one type would do. Lush with its 35mm length was the clear winner and would fit the brief quite nicely as it was a reminder of the ‘good old days’ – a happy childhood spent, barefoot, playing on the ¼ acre with the soft grass beneath one’s feet, not too long nor too short – the size just right. Fond memories, that they are.

With an audible sigh and a dramatic shudder, that was the easy bit. The convincing of the familial patriarch is going to be somewhat monumental and the fallout beyond 100 kilotons would probably have at least ten square blocks of neighbours gossiping for weeks.

He could still hear that grating voice, like a stuck record player on the same sentence, ‘And my Father and my Grandfather tended that lawn, every weekend they were out there, you can see the fruits of their labour and, Son, it is now yours to do the same’.

Lawns were seen back then as a status symbol and the proper maintenance a must! Cutting corners would simply not do. Eyes now rolling so hard that they threatened to leave the orb like structure that is their home.

Luckily the owner of the voice resides in a local retirement village but his shadow still tall and formidable looms and age certainly did not diminish his waspish tongue.

Things are different nowadays. The long hours at work, weekends ferrying the ankle biters to this and that, a touch of down time and a bit of socialisation, life administration crammed in between leaves one with no doubt that maintaining the great lawn of yesteryear was never going to be a viable option.

Casting a baleful eye at the tool shed where all garden implements (beautifully maintained and oiled might I add) reside. The lotions and potions to assist with herbaceous living or dying, the weed extractor, tools for this and that and let us not forget the monolithic structure of the grand old mower, resplendent in a shade of garden green, with rollers and super sharp blades, the legacy of all lawn mowers, refusing to die.

It would be bittersweet ripping up those years of blood, sweat and tears but time is precious and nowadays cutting corners is not to be frowned upon, instead welcomed.

Roll on to installation day, time to bring modern in.

Could your property do with some modernisation with the Eco Lawn touch?

For bucking of familial boundaries

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