Eco Lawn Landscaping Beautiful berms and other things

Beautiful berms and other things


Your business is your crowning glory. To you it is a tad more than earning a crust but a monument of your dedication of your chosen service to the community.

The alabaster buildings, shining windows that wink invitingly whilst basking in the rays of the beaming sun, always clear in inclement weather, unbesmirched by grease and dirt.

The hand-picked plants in various pots standing tall and green against the stark white. Their positioning not by accident but by careful personal placement.

The entry is welcoming and entices the clients forth where carefully selected décor greets them. Each piece chosen with the intended clientele firmly in the forefront of one’s mind. No expense has been spared, the well being of the customer will always come first.

Housekeeping impeccable with nothing out of place, cushions en pointe and no errant odours to disturb one’s quiet contemplation of the monumental but essential task before them. Your task is to navigate the tide of feelings to reach the inevitable outcome. With the ambience created you are already halfway there.

This locale is designed to be peaceful and this has been achieved.

One would have to question the merits (or lack therein of) of choosing the natural green which now sport various hues of brown, uncomfortably crunchy to walk on when precipitation is spartan or resembles a holding yard post shearing when rain is in abundance. You may be able to control your client’s experience but with natural grass this is an area where expectations can fall well short of the mark.

Instead of ripping it all up in favour of the concrete look have you considered Eco Lawn’s artificial grass? A man-made product with the lush natural look, the enticing icing on the cake. Soothing shades. The artificial beautification of the berm, islands of green in the car park, pops of freshness that are pleasing to the eye and grassy knolls in the outdoor area where refreshments are served enticing the guests to seat themselves and relax.

Do you think that the icing on the cake for your business could be the Eco Lawn touch?

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