Eco Lawn Landscaping Backyard Shenanigans on Cricket Pitch

Backyard Shenanigans on Cricket Pitch

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What is there not to love about backyard cricket? Stomachs full after a sumptuous, shared feast, the adults may or may not be slightly tipsy and children full of energy and excitement anticipating the game ahead. A fun time for everyone and a dull moment need not apply. It could be a short game or one that lasts beyond the deepening evening shadows when the ball becomes hard to see.

Why not invite EcoLawn to shine in your backyard cricket game?

Eco Lawn’s quality sports turf Cricket Pitch with its 9mm short pile puts the “C” in cricket and is designed for all levels of play. A serious low maintenance product indeed but still keeps the fun in backyard cricket where the rules can be as flexible as the elastic around Granny’s knickers! It provides a predictable playing surface with an even bounce that holds no surprises so Uncle Brian the brilliant can bowl balls that meet the mark and with his trademark spin on them too.

There will never be any disappointment with cancelled after meal games due to inclement weather as Cricket Pitch is an all-weather product with a surface always inviting you to play.

Not only can Eco Lawn install this marvellous product but they can also provide valuable advice for the perfect set up for your backyard and a one-stop shop for your underfoot cricketing needs for the DIY crowd. Eco Lawn is there to offer advice on the perfect set up for your backyard.

Depending on how far you wish to go, some nets to minimise the environmental impact could be beneficial. But at the very least inviting Cricket Pitch into your play would allow for a fairer playing field and may the best team truly win.

Without Cricket Pitch in your game, it shall be decided by factors not in play, not counting the broken windows not only just done today, crushed rhododendrons with a rounded path clearly to be seen, broken crockery where the ball had most certainly been. Lumpy lawn, cancelled play, disappointment on display.

Do you think that your all-important backyard cricket match could use the Eco Lawn touch?

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