Eco Lawn General Articles Why Backpackers Accommodation Need Artificial Grass?

Why Backpackers Accommodation Need Artificial Grass?

Residential Artificial Grass

Those travel beasts with their insatiable appetite for fun and sightseeing squeezed into finite days in pursuit of the great Kiwi experience heard to be lurking around just about every clean, green bend. Backpackers traverse the Land of the Long White Cloud with the basics for survival stuffed into a 70l backpack.

Their mode of travel, depending on budget, and the number of likeminded beasts travelling in packs there is a choice of a pair of legs, bike, cheap bomb with one wheel in the wreckers yard or tourist van.

Struggling up hills, the apex a distance away, with nary a whisper of a cooling breeze. Their faces as red as raspberry cordial with bulging panniers containing all of their worldly needs and then some…….’Are we having fun YET?’

With the cold rain persisting down, temperatures seemingly close to zero, lonely beasts on a lonely road, a poorly disguised hopeful look at the sound of anything motorised……’Are we having fun YET?’

Backpackers with their seemingly impossible timetable can often be caught taking a snooze on the more quieter parts of their jam-packed timetable missing unique scenery often found emblazoned on glossy tourist magazines…..’Are we having fun ZZZZ?’

Interludes during the impossible are often found at the local backpackers where other like-minded beasts descend for rest and relaxation wherein the common areas fuelled by cheap booze stories are told both tall and true.

Busier times have the grass in the outdoor common areas sporting more walking tracks than Fiordland with dust particles tracked through the rooms that would rival a Tramper’s hut at Craters of the Moon.

The well-worn but loved interior of the garden variety backpackers sports battle weary flooring, rug stepping stones covering the threadbare patches and in places bare flooring where everything has given up their individual ghosts.

Artificial Grass is the answer to your threadbare woes. Evergreen, no fuss and still looking fresh, lush and green year all year round.

A bit of Summer Green with a 12.5mm pile height under the pool table, the creation of interior pathways leading here and there, strategically placed in the dining room and other common areas. Being well draining there is no squishy underfoot in wet areas.

Wide leaf 40mm with its natural feel of broadleaf grass underfoot. Perfect for heavy use and with a 10-years product guarantee and expected to last at least 15 years along with being low maintenance is the cost-effective way of keeping your outdoor areas looking great for the long term and in the end, the grass will pay for itself.

Artificial grass for the number cruncher makes sense because of its durability it can save wear and tear on your building in heavy traffic areas, great drainage in wet areas will keep mold and mildew at bay. It’s a cost-effective alternative to the carpet which will still stay looking great, with low maintenance for over a decade.

When used outside it means it can be used all year round and is weatherproof. No mud tracked back inside. No more loss of outdoor common areas due to overuse. Again low maintenance which means you can put your time and effort into other areas.

Great reviews are a guarantee by showing your customers that you care through providing quality products for their use. Give them all something to rave about when finally at home about the accommodation that stood out from the rest and the innovative owners that put artificial to the test.

Don’t your travel weary customers – the Backpackers deserve the Eco-Lawn touch?

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