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Back to reality

Eco-friendly grass

The post-holiday podge has well and truly descended and the monolith that is work was once something that will happen ‘sometime in the future and therefore not to be thought of’ is now lurching closer with the dawn of each new day.  The holiday that once started slowly is now building up momentum when all you want is for the cogs to stop turning and time to stand still to eek every nano second out of the glorious summer break spending time doing nothing much at all.

Reality not only comes just in the form of work it comes in the shape of responsibilities which extend beyond the ankle biters which you may or may not have but the day to day drudgery required for living.

One day soon the jam packed car will its begin its homeward journey, minds full of holiday snippets, phones full of happy snaps,  the trip home considered part of the holiday but every kilometre bringing the travellers closer to reality.

The post-holiday unpacking, the never ending jobs to transition oneself back into the all-consuming normality that no one wants to do and only a loaded lottery ticket can fix.  The upbeat atmosphere wanes as each individual are ensconced within his or her own thoughts and post-holiday traffic snarls encountered with people in various states of eagerness to return home.

But there is so much to do!  Enough to bring one down from holiday bliss to post holiday blah!

So one must ask how possibly could EcoLawn help in this situation?  In a nutshell natural lawns are made to grow and grow they do especially under the kiss of the hot summer’s sun and sporadic watering from the heavens.  One might as well put up a flashing neon sign advertising “Gone on holiday” to the opportunistic prowlers.

Rip up that burglar welcome mat and the bad mood creator, let EcoLawn take away a tiresome job from you and make your transition to normality a little smoother.

Allow your home to welcome you with open arms with that perennial, freshly mowed, evergreen look allowing you to hurry through the chores and fleetingly dip your toe into the welcoming depths of the dying hours of your summer break with a picnic blanket ‘out back’ or the soothing gait of a hammock in motion whilst finishing off your holiday reading or basking in the glow of EcoLawn green with your choice of a cooling beverage.


Could your transition to reality do with the EcoLawn touch?

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