Eco Lawn General Articles Auckland Water Shortage - Is Artificial Grass the Solution?

Auckland Water Shortage – Is Artificial Grass the Solution?

Auckland Water Shortage – Is Artificial Grass the Solution?

There is no need to feel guilty when thy neighbour peers over the fence and see’s your perfectly groomed, green artificial grass during a water shortage.

This previous week in Auckland has been turbulent to say the least. Particularly when the council shocked us all advising each person will be required to cut down 20 Litres of water per day, for all of March. Of course, being Aucklanders and having to boil water is a misfortune many of us can not bare to face.

To save you the worry The New Zealand Herald provided some easy tips to reach the #save20 mark including showering for 2 minutes less or halving the amount of clothes washing per week (Link to Article).

Being green kiwi’s we deeply care about our environment and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice our own backyard.

Eco-lawn artificial grass is self sustainable, requiring no watering and minimal maintenance. A fresh no hassle lawn allows for family and friends to truly enjoy the outdoors and not be distracted by life’s little niggles.

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