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The Auckland Council project – Where the Artificial Grass creeps in

Again the Eco-Lawn team hit the mark well with another professional yet awesome looking job this time at the New Lynn Community Centre. We certainly met expectations and raised a few eyebrows when Auckland City Council called upon our professional prowess for a task that was out of the box and then some.

The artificial grass product Wide Leaf 40mm was a great choice with its intertwined two blade types which looks natural and lush whilst offering durability but certainly does not skimp on comfort. This commercial grade lawn will look great for years to come and is backed by a 10 Year product guarantee but expected to last well beyond that.

What is best of all is that it is low maintenance so it is great looking without the trappings of costly and time-consuming care.

Crisp, defining lines where the outdoors creeps in. Boundaries are blurred between the two where windows are the defining line. The sun bestows its warming rays, tendrils of brightness illuminating the blades of grass, lighting up perfection. Bringing forth the very question of ‘Is it really artificial?’ upon one’s lips.

A harsh environment of concrete and steel softened by the natural green. A soothing spot, an area to comfort offering the enticement to abandon the confining space that is footwear and to feel the comforting caress of grass ensconcing one’s feet.

Well done you Auckland City Council for going above and beyond by offering a pleasing place with an aesthetic environment for your discerning public’s use.

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