Eco Lawn General Articles Artificial Turf Helps With Allergies

Artificial Turf Helps With Allergies

Artificial Turf Helps With Allergies

Artificial Turf Helps With Allergies

Are the spring and the early summer seasons a struggle for you healthwise? Millions of people around the world including in New Zealand are affected by grass pollen allergies. Grass pollen does not only affect humans but both dogs and cats are also at risk of getting grass seeds and pollen stuck in their airways and nasal passages. What can you do to deal with this problem?

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Replacing your natural grass with artificial grass could really be a game-changer. The amount of grass pollen in your garden will immediately be lower. Grass pollen is often released during the morning and early evening. At this time you are most likely going to be at home with the windows open. If you find yourself sneezing a lot during the early part of the day or when you come home from work, the culprit is most likely grass pollen, with an artificial turf it’s likely that you will no longer sneeze as much as you used to.

Although you may not be able to encourage your neighbours to replace their natural lawns, you can reduce the amount of grass pollen by replacing yours.

Keeping Your Lawn Clean

Does that mean you are not going to end up without any grass pollen? No, it doesn’t, grass pollen may get blown over to your garden from other gardens or open landscapes in your area.

However, artificial grass will significantly reduce the effects of your allergies. To get rid of trapped grass pollen in the artificial grass, all you have to do is use some water, as artificial grass is easy to clean. Once a week, hose down your artificial grass to reduce any trapped pollen and other allergens.

Taking Anti Histamines

There is no way that you want to spend all summer avoiding your garden. Taking anti-histamines is an option. But it comes with the downside of side effects including nose bleeds. They are also linked to both insomnia and hyperactivity depending on what anti-histamine you take. If you don’t want to spend spring and summer taking antihistamines or decongestants, you should consider installing an artificial turf.

Final Thoughts

Replacing your natural grass with artificial grass significantly reduces the chance of you suffering from grass pollen allergies and other pollen-related irritations. Pollen is more likely to get trapped in natural grass so choosing an artificial turf is definitely the way to go. It is easy to keep it clean, it’s pollen-free and you reduce the chance of developing seasonal allergies. It is the best method of reducing the effects of your particular allergy.

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