Eco Lawn Landscaping Artificial Perfection at Grow Active Early Learning, Christchurch

Artificial Perfection at Grow Active Early Learning, Christchurch

Artificial grass childcare

Eco Lawn knows no ‘bounds’, their boundaries are not set within the confines of Auckland. A call for landscaping perfection came from Grow Active Early Learning Childcare centre in Christchurch to cover 220 metre square of the area with artificial turf. The Eco Lawn team were only too happy to come to their aid.

They did the right thing by contacting the best for their tiny tackers, they know that with the all-important role that is the shaping of young minds to do whatever they choose to do and to be the future of New Zealand, the choice of the right product with the right people to do a quality job was paramount.

It was a no-brainer to use Wide Leaf artificial grass, all 220 sqm of it. Being a commercial grade product it is built to withstand boisterous bodies and regular use whilst still looking showroom new. Coupled with soft fall underlay that allows a critical fall height of 1.5m this product is the epitome of safety.

Like any Eco Lawn product Wide Leaf is built to last and still look lush and green with minimal care for years to come. An idyllic product, the 40mm two yarn blade type with its soft and caressing feel underfoot belies its hardiness.

The benefits of choosing Wide leaf just keep coming with a 10-year guarantee but expected to last at least 15 years Grow Active Early Learning Childcare has picked the perfect product.

It was not just a simple job it had technical requirements that the Eco Lawn team handled with ease. A hillock in the corner with a slide as blue as the sky in high summer creating a pleasing look against the deep evergreen that is Wide leaf.

What is this? A bountiful bump for the creation of a play that can only come from a small child’s imagination, rising above the pristine green where nary a blemish can be seen. Crisp edges that will never stray, stark concrete paths defining areas of play.

Do you think that your Childcare centre can do with the professional and technical nature of the Eco Lawn touch?

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