Eco Lawn Landscaping Artificial Paradise for the harried Executive

Artificial Paradise for the harried Executive

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The shifting goalposts of a position that makes the needs of the individual seem almost vulgar, chasing the dream that is always an arm’s reach away. Days are long and demand extreme but the rush of securing and completing assignments are as intoxicating as an illicit drug. Once one assignment has been given the golden nod there are others that scramble to take its place. The apple of the Boss’ eye – the young person works, the hours peeling by as the clock moves at warp speed out of synch to the rest of the world.

Coffee and adrenalin the victuals of life, each day a new goal to plough through. Perpetually time poor living to work, respite being too hard and out of reach.

Welcome the world of the young executive.

Home is merely a place to rest one’s head, life-sustaining nourishment devoured on the trot, takeaway menus and restaurants on permanent rotation rendering the kitchen to the level of a splendid, shiny showpiece, the bench a place to lean and the fridge housing a hideously expensive drop of something vintage, short alcoholic respite in between the incessant ringing of the mobile – cheering and swearing the difference between deals won and lost.

One’s body can only take so much, to avoid burn out have you considered reaching out to Eco Lawn to create your own personal respite spot mere steps away on the other side of the window?

EcoLawn is the creator of personal hamlets where one escapes to not think of what comes next or who is going to do who. They are only too happy to design a private place of serenity, a luscious siren enticing the stressed individual to seek intermission to sandwich their busy life.

EcoLawn is the answer for the time poor executive. They are the curators of backyard perfection with their carte du jour containing various stress dissipating artificial grass options to please the most harried. With soft underlay options to cosset body and soul. A ‘please install’ a mere phone call away!

Quality Eco Lawn artificial grass is low maintenance so no hard work on top of work and the Eco Lawn team can easily overcome any potential issues so no surprises down the track.

The yard can be a place where the artificial grass is circumscribed with well stocked yet easy-care gardens, a defiant natural wall of soothing greens, shutting out the outside world, admittance by invitation only. This is an island of calm where cacophony has no place, work is deferred, and the time comes to a crashing stand still.

Can you do with a place of respite that can only come from the Eco Lawn touch?

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