Eco Lawn Landscaping Artificial grass for the twilight Dears

Artificial grass for the twilight Dears

eco-friendly artificial grass

Retirement villages are the geriatric heralding of the second coming of childhood where days are filled with fanciful fun. Finally, responsibility-free as their offspring have long since flown from the cosseting nature of the familial nest. The trappings of the family home long gone yet fond memories still remain. Further ankle biting offspring can be returned to their owners and visitation as finite as can be.

How the retirees spend their time have evolved from doting family doing their bit and nursing homes bridging the gaps to living out the twilight years in grandeur, the pinnacle of perfection in places where one aspires to be not where one is merely parked.

Welcome to the modern day ‘Retirement resort’ where one can do as much or as little as their heart desires. With a range of accommodation options, there is something there for everyone as long as they hold the golden ticket signalling their golden years. Sumptuous lobbies giving the air of perpetual holidays and activities a motorised scooter away.

Constitutionals are a social affair whilst wandering the various meandering paths snaking through the gardens further happying up the place of endless hobbies and perennial past times.

This is the place where Eco Lawn could shine. Removing the time consuming and noisy, conversation killer and nap stopper natural lawn maintenance replacing it with soft, green, no surprises, low maintenance, quality artificial grass that only they could bring.

Allow the oldies to reminisce and experience their childhood days, shoes off revelling in the softness and generous length that once was a precious memory now a toe-tingling delicious experience a mere nanosecond away.

Let us not forget the activities that only a quality retirement resort can bring tennis courts, bowling, putting or even a cricket pitch for those that are keen. This is where the Eco Lawn team can install their quality sports turf range. Let us not forget the non-slip surface of the artificial lawn kind surrounding the swimming pool designed to soothe the arthritic ouches whilst keeping ageing limbs supple and joints from seizing. There are artificial options for wet areas or for use as decadent flooring to wow the finicky for the lobby and other communal areas.

With the Eco Lawn artificial grass range there is something for every use and they are only too happy to not only offer a quality installation service but to give valuable unbiased advice on what the best options are for you and your valuable guest’s needs.

Allow the retirees to enjoy their twilight years surrounded by the timeless beauty that comes with having the Eco Lawn touch.

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