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3 Unique Ways to Use Synthetic Grass in Your Yard

Unique Synthetic Grass Designs

3 Ways Artificial Grass Can Enhance Your Garden

Artificial grass is much easier to use when you want to create a unique garden design. Our gardens are quickly becoming an additional “room” in our homes. Thanks to other garden design features such as fire pits and hot tubs, we are beginning to spend more time in our gardens.

You can easily turn your garden into a space that reflects your personality using artificial turf. Here are a couple of design ideas that may just get your creative juices flowing.

Unique Designs

As artificial grass is a flexible material, you don’t have to lay down just one large piece of lawn. You can easily create individual areas. One great way of making the most out of the versatility of artificial grass is to blend it in with paving. For instance, you could have a large lawned area in the middle of the garden. Around it, you could place paving slabs broken up by patches of synthetic grass.

If you like, you could even put pots with plants on the paving to create a green zone for the entire family to enjoy. This creates a focal point and instantly makes the garden look more interesting.

Artificial Turf As Modern Art or A Japanese Garden

You may have seen Japanese moss gardens in pictures. They do look great. The only problem is that they do take a lot of upkeep. As our climate is getting hotter, you are going to have to spend even more time maintaining a moss garden.

Thanks to the structure of artificial turf, you can easily shape it into objects. If you would like to add an interesting design element to your garden, you can create large globes or balls and place them around your garden. One of the best things about using globes or round shapes is that you can move them around your garden. Every time a visitor comes around, your garden will look a little bit different.

A Terrace Garden

A garden does not have to be at ground level. If you live in an apartment, there is no reason why you can’t use synthetic grass to create a green area on your terrace or balcony. You don’t need to cover the entire area. If you have a large terrace, place the artificial grass in the middle and surround it with plant pots.

Modern artificial grass looks so natural that your friends will think you have added a lawn to your terrace. Put some garden furniture on your “lawn” and you have your own mini garden.

In Conclusion

Artificial grass saves both time and money. You don’t have to water it and maintaining it is super easy. As it is such as versatile and flexible material, you can shape it into different objects and cover naturally occurring landscape features such as rocks and raised areas.


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