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Here’s Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass Tauranga

Do you want a low maintenance lush front lawn where you can relax and enjoy? Ecolawn’s artificial grass is the solution to your lawn challenge. Our artificial greass is the perfect alternative to natural grass. Manufactured using the most advanced technology, our synthetic turf looks like real grass. They are also designed for the New Zealand climate. For high quality artificial grass in Tauranga, we are here for you. Our turf specialists can help you choose and install the best artificial grass for your property. Give us a call today!

Why Artificial Grass is the Best Choice for Your Lawn

Great timesaver!

Growing and maintaining a green lawn is a time-consuming job. You can’t just plant grass and expect it to grow green on its own without regular maintenance. If you want your lawn to remain lush all the time, you have to take care of it by regularly watering, mowing, fertilising and aerating it. If you are not ready to become a gardener, you can pay someone to do the job, but that means you will have additional costs.

To save money and energy at the same time, synthetic turf can be a perfect solution. It allows you to have a beautiful lawn that stays green and fresh all year round without the necessary maintenance that would come with an organic lawn. Artificial grass is an excellent timesaver as it’s easier to look after than natural grass.

Drought tolerant

Once you have artificial grass installed, watering your lawn will be a thing of the past. You don’t have to worry about rising water costs due to the need to keep your grass fresh. And since lawn water use represents a substantial portion of residential water consumption, cutting out this necessity will save you a lot of money.

While natural lawn needs water every day to keep it alive, synthetic turf only needs it for occasional cleaning purposes. The main reason you want to spray water on it is to remove dust and other small debris from the grass fibres. Our artificial grass Tauranga is also resilient to weather’s elements such as drought and flooding, hence it remains the same vibrant colour regardless of the weather.

Always enjoyable outdoor space

Natural lawns are very sensitive to weather. In summer they will dry up if they don’t get enough water, whereas in winter the turf grass will go dormant and lose its beauty. If you feel uncomfortable with such problems, artificial grass can be an ideal alternative for you. It’s designed to stay lush and resilient all year long, allowing you to have an always enjoyable outdoor space.

Great for children and pets

For children, a lawn is no less than a fun playground on which they can run and roll. But real grass can trigger allergies in some children when their skin comes into contact with it. Artificial grass Tauranga offers a different playing experience, which is safe and allergy free. Your kids won’t get any green marks from it either, so it’s much cleaner and safer for them.

Synthetic turf is also great for pets.

Taking care of a beautiful lawn and a naughty pet at the same time is no easy feat. On the one hand, you want to keep your lawn lush. But on the other hand, you don’t want to limit your pet’s movement, so it’s bound to go over the lawn and leave some mess – maybe urine, faeces, or messy grass. Anyway, all of this is almost impossible to avoid.

The safest and easiest way to anticipate this kind of situation is to install artificial grass in Tauranga. Not only does it rival its natural counterpart in terms of beauty, but it’s even superior in terms of durability, since it’s able to accommodate kids, pets and all of their mischief.

Environmentally friendly

A natural lawn is a favourite place for insects to forage and breed. You will need pest control substances like pesticides to keep the bugs at bay. Fertilisers and weed-killers are also necessary to maintain the health of the lawn.

With Ecolawn artificial grass, however, you can be free from the need to use those chemical-packed materials and enjoy the vibrant beauty of your lawn without polluting the environment. On top of that, you don’t need to water your lawn everyday as synthetic turf is dry resistant. This in turn also translates into lower water bill.


There are many things that natural grass cannot tolerate, including too much heat, too much cold, too much water and intense foot traffic on the lawn. These weaknesses make it unsuitable for a sports arena.

This is where synthetic grass comes in as a better choice. It can provide a uniform and consistent surface for high-intensity sports activities. People can practice and play every day on the field without worrying about damaging the grass. Even when it rains, the sport can still be played cleanly – as there will be no mud.

Thanks to its resilience, artificial grass won’t lose its aesthetic quality even if it receives a lot of foot traffic. It’s also much more cost-effective than real grass due to the fact that it requires little maintenance to remain in top condition.

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