Eco Lawn General Articles Which scene will you choose?

Which scene will you choose?

Residential Artificial Grass

Lush lawn, crisp lines, beautiful soothing green, a backyard of your creation the one of which you are the master of.

Defining lines separating the natural from the artificial but even then those lines are blurred due to a quality product supplied by a quality team such as Eco-Lawn.

Amble across the stained wooden decking or meander downwards on perfectly presented planks marking the safe descent towards paradise. Artificial grass framed with an abundance of natural plants, a beautiful suburban escape, a permanent holiday destination, private and your own, a place where dreams are made of and the only limits are that of your own imagination.


Blades resplendent with a deep green colour surrounded by pleasing pavers accentuating this plot of perfection.


Natural palms bursting through perfectly cut lawn as though it was meant to be heralding the skillset of the Eco-Lawn team. This is an aesthetic display that is not only made for looks but to be enjoyed all year round.


The produce patch enjoying the boundaries of its box. Pristine white planters bearing plants producing natural goods destined for the table, flanked by the pleasing green that can only be Eco-Lawn.


Warm brown, angular lines of a low deck, a viewing platform of sorts. A place where outdoor furniture is placed upon, gorgeous green a tantalising step away. A place designed with relaxation which is in the extreme forefront of the chasms of one’s mind. A place to be soothed where chaos does not belong and will never be.

Your backyard is your blank canvas. What scene will you choose? Will it match the personality of your household or a quiet spot created just for you?

Let the Eco-Lawn team help your dream come alive they are only a phone call away ready to create your personal place of pride. Don’t YOU deserve the Eco-Lawn touch?

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