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Artificial Grass – Respite for the Concrete Jungle Dweller

The trappings of inner-city living. A place that never sleeps, the constant hum of productivity, chaotic to the uninitiated. At one’s lowest point, grey concrete walls highlighting a grey look at life. Where even Nature’s night time display up above is subdued by the oppressive lights.

The choice to bring home close to work where hours are long, remuneration at a price of downtime for those that toil within. The time sucking, the insatiable beast they call work ensures the time for escapism is seldom and fleeting.

Suburban concrete walls, a grey prison for those that are free, designed for man-made work and play.

Nowhere to escape, a place to be free, to seek my inner calm, a place to be me.

Solace must be sought close by in a splash of green within a concrete jungle, in one’s own corner of quiet contemplation and creativity.

Respite can be found only steps away and beyond the sliding glass doors separating the out from the in.

A small balcony, a large balcony and everything in between or a rooftop is the ideal platform to let one’s imagination roam freer than those scuttling below moving quickly from A to B.

A piece of suburban paradise emulating the great outdoors must be created for individual need. The use of the spare space in a constructive fashion

The investment of high quality, natural feeling artificial grass from Eco-Lawn is a must. Its versatility means it can be cut to any shape or size to look its best no matter where it is laid. Low maintenance and remains dry and comfortable no matter the season.

A BBQ just here, a small smattering of outdoor furniture there. Planter boxes containing herbaceous culinary delights, speckled with haphazardly placed pots of cheerful perennials.

Or a cosy corner to read and relax and enjoy the sun, a sumptuous bean bag coupled with some potted fruit salad plants for the tropical feel.

Cover the entire area with the beautiful lush green grass or place it in pertinent positions whatever you choose it is your personal paradise.

A place to look forward to be, a glass of your choice of poison accompanied with some nibblies. A moment away from the bustle and a place to dream. Isn’t it high time you contact the Eco-Lawn team?

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